Thursday, 24 February 2011

No Rest For The Wicked!

It's my first day off in ages and you'd think I'd be in bed having a lie-in but oh no! What do I do? Well being a makeup artist, it's off to see the new collections for some of my favourite brands. It's something I try to do once in a while so I get to see what's on offer out there!

I've got 2 days of go sees so here's who I saw today.

Estee Lauder
I've been hearing loads about the new collection for the Pure Colour Long-Lasting Lipsticks. I've been a huge fan of Estee Lauder from as young as when my mom used to spray herself with White Linen and Beautiful! And boy I got a shock, pleasant of course when I saw the array of gorgeous sumptuous colours. I just had to dive in and try them out and the colours and depth of colour is amazing. Below's a shot of what I had to play with!

I also had the new Pure Colour Nail Lacquer range and boy Estee Lauder's gone rock & roll!! Colours that I never thought they would ever do, green, silver, fuchsia etc. I made my friend put it on and the results were impressive and strong even only with one coat! Have a look.

Both Pure Colour ranges go out nationwide on Monday 28th February. I'd say to get it asap as many shades are being sold out fast! 

I also had a chance to pop into the Clarins pop-up shop at 10 Blandford Street. Amidst a cute little set up, there's a juice bar and it smells amazing. The goods on show? A new range targeted at the younger skin. I had a few minutes to play with some of the range and besides smelling really fresh with a slight citrus fragrance, the textures were light but really moisturising. Now as a makeup artist, the last thing I want when working on someone is excess moisture so this might  be worth checking out when it becomes available to buy in June 2011. Personally I think that anyone with slightly greasy skins will appreciate this range and not just the younger consumer.

There's more to come tomorrow when I head off to see more new collections from other brands so stay tuned!


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! So glad you're here, and I look forward to seeing more of your posts! :)

  2. Estee Lauder stuff looks amazing. x

  3. Loving those nail varnish colours!
    Great to have you posting at last. xx

  4. Thanks guys. Great and much appreciated to have you seasoned bloggers checking my rantings out! Thank you so much xx

  5. wow great stuff...!!!
    where are all these events? or what is the name of the event? id like to go:)

  6. Hey OneRepublic, they're actualy launches that I get invited to by Cosmetic Company PRs. They usually have them a few times a year for press and for industry people whom they work with. Thank you for reading and the encouraging words! x

  7. yaiiii thanks for the info- I always wanted to attend those...:)
    have you ever been to launches for MAC?

  8. Hey One, no worries, yes I try to attend all launches as much as time allows. I do a lot of work with MAC and try to attend their launches as well. x