Sunday, 3 April 2011

1 Makeup Artist, 2 Days & 6 Launches. Part Two

Got your interest after part one? Back for more? Hang onto your hats, there's more to come and even something special for the boys!

Shu Uemura
This brand has been a long-time friend in my kit and any new products are always met with glee and excitement by me! I know that with the products, they work and I don't have to worry about gimmicks or false promises. So what have they got up their sleeves now?

Pure:Nu Cleansing Oil-in-Gel: The cult classic cleansing oil now comes in a gorgeously scented and textured oil-gel! Perfect for travelling but note that it doesn't remove water-proof makeup. Launching April 2011, available in shops May 2011.

Face Architect Refining Mousse Foundation: 8 Shades of mousse containing the precious deep-sea water to ensure a sheer, beautiful veil of hydrated coverage. I tried it and contrary to mousse foundations of the past, this had loads of 'give' and gave beautiful coverage! Can't wait to try it properly on a shoot. It is available in June 2011.
UV Under Base Mousse SPF 30: This has been reformulated to an improved matte finish. I actually used this yesterday on a shoot and the model commented on how light it felt and the makeup stayed on all day. Another kit stalwart I think and available now.
Cleansing Beauty Oil: This cult item is now available to buy in a more travel-friendly size so it means you don't have to carry the big bottle and waste precious luggage space!
Pressed Eyeshadow: A selection of discontinued colours are now back and will be made permanent & reformulated. There will also be 40 new shades coming out in August 2011 and they will all be reformulated to be even more highly pigmented and smoother to apply! How exciting!
UV Under Base Cream SPF 25: An exciting beige-tint primer with a satiny smooth finish. Use on eyelids to enhance the depth of eyeshadows and to keep it lasting longer. Available in-store now.
New Slot System Palette: Very exciting especially to a MUA, a new palette system where you buy refill pans of the eyeshadows and blushers and slot in and click-lock the edge to secure in place. Amazing! No messing around with prising out of containers and sticking down with sticky tape. Apparently coming out in 3 sizes to configure your own custom palette! These will be launched August 2011.
New Brushes: Apparently Shu Uemura HQ is designing 3 new brushes to be added to my favoured brush collection. I can't wait for that!
Gel Concealers: Also unconfirmed timings but these should be interesting to look out for!

I went onto popular New York brand Kiehls' to have a look at their new offerings. Favoured by many MUAs for their simple no-nonsense products that just work.

Ultra Facial Oil-Free Collection: The popular Ultra Facial range now comes in a new oil-free range consisting of Toner, Lotion & Cleanser. Promising 24-hour shine control and moisturization, this is one for the oilier skin types. Out in-store June 2011.
Double Strength Deep Wrinkle Filler: An instant & long term treatment for wrinkle from the Dermatologist Solution Collection. Harnessing the potency of 2 types of Hyaluronic Acid minus any silicons, this promises to fill wrinkles out without having to resort to Botox! Out in-store now.
Ultra Facial Micro Serum: A moisture booster and serum to help spread your chosen moisturiser evenly over the face. To put it simply, this serum forms a film over clean skin to form a film so that when you apply your moisturiser, small micronized droplets of oil break upon contact to help the moisturiser spread evenly. A lot of science for a small bottle! Out in-store now.
Ultra Light Daily UV Defence Moisturiser SPF 50++: Says it all in the name doesn't it? Now available in-store in a larger 60ml bottle.

Vintage Shaving Company
And finally one for the men! Inspired by the films and men of films such as An Italian Job and Quadrophenia, the range drawing influence from traditional barbers is split into "Trad" and "Mod". All products are also non paraben, alcohol, SLS and SLES free.

TRAD Collection
Exfoliating Face Wash: 93% natural formulation, this refreshing cleanser clears the face of dead cells, opens pores and preps the face for a smoother shave.
Shave Cream: A smooth, rich cream that's 87% natural to ensure a closer shave than ever.
Daily Face Balm: With a 96% natural formulation, this non-greasy post-shave balm or moisturiser instantly soothes and moisturises.
Eau De Toilette: Crisp, sharp and clean. This invigorating scent blends a manly mix of lemon, bergamot and lime with lavender and woods. All this in the highest quality glass and a hand-crafted wooden cap.

Mod Collection
Exfoliating Face Wash: This 93% natural formulation brightens skin and prevents oil build-up.
Shave Cream: A rich, warm, creamy formulation that lathers beautifully, ensuring an ultra smooth razor glide.
Daily Face Balm: This cool, refreshing balm relieves the tight post-shaving feeling on skin.
Eau De Toilette: A unique step in men's fragrance, this intoxicating blend of spearmint, bergamot, lemon and grapefruit, with undertones of jasmine, plum, nutmeg and cumin, finishing with soul notes of vanilla and amber, really creates an unique and totally different men's fragrance! I'm tempted to say it's a new favourite of mine! Utterly modern, manly but yet sensitive. Again housed in highest quality glass and hand-crafted wooden cap.

I'm quite excited by this range and even though I don't wet shave, I love how this range is bringing back a tradition that is rich in history but yet modern in catering to the needs of today's men. You just have to try the scent, especially the Mod, it truly is incredible! VSC is exclusive to Harrods from April 2011.

So there you have it, another incredibly exciting week for skincare and makeup in London. I apologise if this comes across all facts and no character, there's just so much to cover and I didn't want to waffle on too much! Any comments or queries are most welcome so don't be shy about it, you know how to get in touch!


  1. Oh my gosh! EVERYTHING sounds fantastic!! Esp the new Face Architect Mousse Foundation! And the men's shaving stuff has even excited me - perfect for pampering gifts. The Mod aftershave/frag sounds really intriguing! Do you know what the price points for this line will be?

  2. @clionasweeney3 April 2011 at 14:19

    Loving it all! You know my obsession with Shu so super excited about these launches anyway and already using the pure:nu and loving it in my morning shower. Looking forward to the mousse foundation for my kit as the coverage is awesome for such a light texture.
    Also using the Kiehls ufm serum at night before my night cream, very nice. Using the line filler in the morning and seeing an immediate cosmetic difference, not sure yet about the long term benefits?
    Very very interested in that men's range for OH ad he's quite fussy and likes things that are a little different and not mainstream so off to Harrods I go methinks :-)
    great post again, well done x

  3. @Victoria: Oh thanks Victoria, yes it's all exciting for the upcoming ranges. VSC products start from £8.95 for the face wash to a very affordable £34 for the EDT so in my opinion, very reasonable. Trust me, the scent is so amazing but yet unique, it's incredible considering the price! Thank you for reading and making the effort to comment! xx

  4. @Cliona: Aw glad to see you liking the post. Yup all great products and I will be using them all in kit for next few weeks to see if I like. Your man's gonna love the MOD frangrance! It's really unique. I'm so getting some! Thanks for reading! x

  5. I really must get torund to trying a cleansing oil, travel size or otherwise. I don't like using water on my face though other than in the shower so perhaps not ideal. xx

  6. @Charlie: Did I not send you a sample? I thought I did. I'll pop one into the post for you. It's lush. Honestly, skin feels incredibly clean & moisturised after! x