Saturday, 2 April 2011

1 Makeup Artist, 2 Days & 6 Launches! Part 1

So here we are again, me juggling a makeup career and blogging! It's been a hectic week, shoots, meetings and seeing all the new products that's coming out soon! So let's waste no more time and get straight to it! We've got a lot to cover!

Judith Williams Collections
Afternoon tea at the ever-lovely Sanderson Hotel in London, I got a chance to escape the crazy roadworks and meet the very eloquent and passionate Judith Williams. An opera singer, actress, presenter, Judith brings a range from her adopted home in Germany to the UK via QVC. An important principal of the range is to bring the highest quality & concentration of active ingredients to the customers but yet still keep the price down via non-fancy packaging. Sounds too good to be true? The range is made of 3 ranges for different age groups, all targeting different problems and concerns.

Lifelong Beauty
Aimed at skin over the age of 35+ that needs the little extra bit of help. A range boasting of packed-to-the-brim non-GM soya peptides & isoflavines to hydrate and almond & shea butter unsaturated fatty acids to nourish. The range consists of a cleansing milk, eye cream, night & day cream, a firming mask and few extra treatment items. My favourite that caught my eye were the Night Repair Capsules. Holding the finest cold-pressed oils and applied on to skin at night before moisturiser. Upon trying, my skin felt all smooth and silky without any greasiness.

Phytomineral Collection
This is the classic range targeted at all ages and at men. Power-packed with a blend of 7 minerals (iron, cobalt, copper, magnesium, manganese, selenium and zinc), co-enzyme Q10 and 7 plant extracts (ginseng, guarana, cocoa, lotus blossom, maca, roseroot and hops). Upon asking, Judith insisted that these ingredients were in higher concentrations that most skincare and were not just trace token for the sake of it. All these ingredients do a range of things such as sooth, nourish, revitalises, firm, even out skin tone etc. So you are getting a lot for your money. I was made aware that the all ranges were very big on serums as they deliver extra oomph to the skin through fine textures that penetrate a lot quicker and deeper. The hero product is the All-In-One Day & Night Cream with it's microencapsulation to ensure the active ingredients stay fresh and only release when applied on skin. Once again the range is made of cleansing milk, toner, facial serum, eye cream, day & night cream & facial mask.

Wrinkle Relax Collection
As the name suggests, this range was created for Judith's mom and targeted towards matured skins that require extra help. A range boasting a potent cocktail of ingredients such as hexapeptides, heptapeptides, plant collagen and even the famed live plant stem cells derived from the Swiss apple, called Botumix Complex here. A soft tinted day cream with the live plant stem cells, serum, souffle mask and eye & lip concentrate makes up the range but the item that caught my eye was the Wrinkle Charmer Cream. I suppose you'd call it a poly-filler for wrinkles! I tried it on a part of my hand with most lines and was amazed to see the cream melt and yes the lines were reduced instantly! I will be trialling this on actual faces as soon as possible!

Hugs & Kisses Fragrance
Persuading close friend Pierre Bourdon (creator of Kouros, Davidoff Cool Water and Christian Dior Dolce Vita) out of retirement, this fragrance smells luxurious and womanly, with notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, sweet rose and violet.

Conclusions? A really good, well-priced range of products packed with high-tech ingredients.

Next stop, I met up with a fellow beauty blogger and photographer BeautyWowza who kindly  invited me to go to Aveda with her. I haven't used any of these products for many many years and was surprised to be told that it was taken off the shelves and reformulated, researched and now relaunched with better than ever textures and colours! As a MUA, I sometimes find natural organic products lacking somewhat in the oomph and in tensity many other brands provide. So I was really i interested to see what the 'new' range could provide. It's a big range so I shall go through items that really caught my eye.

Brushes: Handles made of wood & flax and synthetic animal-free bristles.
New Colour Options Eyeshadow transformer: A multi-purpose liquid to transform eyeshadows to a liquid liner or intense eye shadow cream.
Mosscara: A lengthening & thickening mascara with Icelandic Moss to condition.
Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisture: A soft tinted base moisturiser with a surprisingly good amount of coverage. I would be interested to try it professionaly to see how it works but first impression? Lush smooth texture.
Envirometal Compact: Another build-your-own palette system but I thought it was clever to include a compartment for your lipstick to slot into! 
Uruku Colour Gloss: A glossy, creamy 100% mineral and plant-derived. It's a lipstick with a glossy finish boasting the rich Annatto pigment derived from Urukum seed of Brazil.
Uruku Lip Pigment: I love that these are re-fillable and come in both sheer and full finishes.
Uruku Bronzer: 3 shades of low-shimmer finish bronzers, all infused with Annatto pigment again.

So for anyone who wants cosmetics with a conscience, head over to Aveda a credible makeup range that delivers a pretty good finish.

A favourite of makeup artists because of the small sizes of the polishes! I really do not need more weight in my makeup kit so these are amazing! Great colour and great textures. Ultimately a professional nail brand, it was lovely to reacquaint myself again with this brand at a special launch just for makeup artists!

Select Collection: 3 skin tone nude shades of Vanilla, Rose Nude & Rose Shell. 2 shades of grey in Khaki Vintage & Moon Grey. Black Oyster is a shimmery black.
Art Colour's: 6 Pop-Art shades of Blue Curacao, South Beach Pink, Waikiki Orange, Vegas Pink, Cyclades Blue & Touch of Provence.
Hero products for me as a makeup artist are Mava-Dry Spray and Correcteur Pen for speed and quick correction of smudges!

I think that's enough for now don't you? I'll carry on with 3 more launches I went to and keep you updated with the newest and the best!


  1. Kenneth I just couldn't get my head round the Judith Williams products. She sounds like a founding member of the WI and the products just look generic and not at all interesting. BUT the new Aveda make up is gorgeous so I'm looking forward to seeing that properly.

  2. @BBB: Hmm i see your point. I've given my samples to let somebody try it so it will be interesting to see what feedback they come back with. X

  3. Oooh I loved Dolce Vita! Looking forward to having a sniff of Hugs & Kisses. And I love Aveda, so I'm looking forward to seeing their re-developed makeup range x

  4. @Leanne: I was pleasantly surprised by the complexity of the fragrance for the price. Tried it on and it smelt nice worn on a guy as it reacts differently. Yeah check out Aveda, pretty interesting range. Thanks hon xx