Friday, 15 April 2011

Bourjois: Old Friends Reunited!

Back when I was a makeup crazy teen starting out in Asia on very strict pocket money from Mom & Dad, the only makeup that seemed to fit into my meagre savings were really rubbish drugstore brands and the intensity of the colours were so bad that I often resorted to crushing coloured chalk to use on my poor kid sister! Then one day I chanced upon Bourjois and it all changed! The baked domes of colour were such beautiful thing to look at and I spent whatever I could, often forfeiting food and for a tubby overweight kid, this is no easy feat!

So it is with great delight to be reunited with the range now and not only is it as good as I remember, it's gotten even better! The colour intensity is still there but better still, the prices are still amazing! For this quality, it's brilliant and I would expect to pay a lot more!

Intense Extrait Colour Shot Eyeshadow
I think I might have found the holy grail of black eyeshadows! As a makeup artist, I am often annoyed that black shadows don't come out as black as they should. With this range of 10 shades, these little paraben-free beauties  come packed with up to 87% mineral pigments with incredible blendability! Have a look, I rarely swatch but it had to be done! And as with all Bourjois shadows, applying with a damp brush or applicator will give you a more intense finish.

Intense Colour Shot costs £6.99 and goes nationwide 15th June 2011.

Delice De Soleil Summer Collection
Bronzing Powder in 2 matte shades, with a very nifty swivelling panoramic mirror.  It also has a very aromatic scent due to cocoa beans and orange blossom extract in it to hydrate and comes with SPF15.

Mineral Bronzing Foundation comes in 2 shades both SPF15 and each shade contains 2 shades of soft mineral powder to custom blend your own true shade. Very clever and with it I suspect, many will find it useful throughout the year as your skintone changes!

Bronzing Powder For Face & Body
Now I was quite excited about this as fellow MUA Cassie Lomas was next to me and started telling me about how she would use it. An ingenious bronzing spray in 2 shades that comes out as a superfine powder. Once set, is transfer-resistant! So if for example if your body is tanner than your face, this would be amazing to spray on top of a light tinted moisturiser to evenly and most importantly naturally set your face makeup and yet give you enough of a bronze glow so that it matches your body! Genius? Yes! I will trial it asap on a shoot and report back!

Effet 3D Gloss Summer Collection
2 new golden shades are added to this already popular range with it's 8-hour hydration and SPF15 and it's holiday scent of Manoi and Coconut.

Bronzing Powder is £8.99, Mineral Bronzing Foundation is £9.99, Bronzing Spray is £7.99 & Effet 3D is £6.99. The whole collection will be available to buy June 2011.

So Laque Ultra Shine
The 16 shade range has 7 new additional shades of Blue Model, Jaune Trendy, Lime Catwalk, Violet Couture, Magenta Show, Rouge Fashionista and Orange Creation. Gorgeous juicy shades of summer to follow the current fashion trend of colour blocking.

Available in stores June 2011 and costs £5.99.

10 Days Nail Enamel
This range has 12 shades and boasts an incredible 10-day lasting period. With it's angled brush, touch ups for minor chips are easy and fast. Available nationwide 15th June 2011 and priced at £5.99.

So there you have it! Bourjois, a brand that I've been using since I first started playing with makeup but have forgotten along the way. Feels good to reacquaint myself again and it's still pretty darn good after all these years!


  1. Lovely stuff, that black is spectacular so I'll be looking out for these.

    You do realise I'm chuckling about you doing a swatch don't you? ;)

    Seriously though, I'll be looking out for the grey, black and pink ones. V. nice.

  2. The bronze, purple, teal, navy and gold would work well together (on olive skin)!
    I've heard good things about Bourjois but I have never really tried any...
    Thanks Kenneth! x

  3. @Charlie: Haha shurrup you! I know but I really had to swatch that black! It's amazingly dense and emmm black! You're going to love it! XX

  4. @poseylass: Oh you have to try it! Such good colours and density for such a good price! Let me know how you get on? Thanks hon! x

  5. This all looks fab, am in the market for a blusher so was going to have a look at Bourjois as have heard good things. That orange nail varnish is calling my name too!

  6. @Debbie: I love that orange!! In fact the colours are so cute on that poppy range! My fav was the green. Have a look when it all comes out as I think we are getting very good quality for what we pay for Bourjois. Thanks Debz! xx

  7. These look lovely i had a bourjois white eyeshadow which was really beautiful. Like a pearl oyster sheen to it. Will check these out xx

  8. @nicoletta: Yeah I had that as well and that's what I remembered of Bourjois but the new stuff is amazingly pigmented! So good! x

  9. Love these. Bourjois has some good products at the moment :)x

  10. Thanks Kenneth, will be checking those eyeshadows out asap!! X

  11. My life is incomplete without that black eye shadow! x

  12. @Computergirl: They do indeed! Amazing value for amazing products. Thanks x

    @cmlewis99: Please tell me how you get on with them! Thanks xx

    @Rebecca: Girlfriend, indeed!! Mine is now! Shame my shoot today wanted clean and beautiful so no chance to play with it! But it's good! xx

  13. That black eyeshadow looks amazing!!! The pigment is so strong, im completely sold on that. Debbie that orange nail varnish is calling my name too, it looks beautiful!!The ten day nail enamel sounds v.interesting. Great post :-)

  14. @Jenny: Yes I love it! I can't wait to actually use it, got it on my kit but didn't get a chance to use it today! Hehe thank you for the encouragement! X

  15. Oh wow this was my very first eyeshadow that I got from my aunt at 14 years old and the start of a very random collection of makup that grew from various pilferings and chemist sale bins! Have a soft spot always for bourgeois and will look forward to reaquainting myself with it too. Especially interested in the block colour and long lasting nail colours, very interesting, thanks for another fine post Kenneth x

  16. @clionasweeney: Yup pleasure was all mine! It felt amazing to see that it just got better and better. Thank you for the encouraging words! XX