Saturday, 16 April 2011

New Toys & A Spring Flushed Look

What can I say? I am a kid when it comes to new additions to my kit! This week I got my hands on quite a lot of new items, some of which I have been coveting for awhile and the rest has been discovered, with great surprise and pleasure, due to the kindness of friends and strangers! You all know who you are so thank you. Now let's get down to it.

More Strings to the Bow
First up is an incredible range of brushes created by veteran makeup artist, Roque Cozzette. I have never been a fan of synthetic brushes especially for powdered products as they never seem to have much "stick" when it comes to grabbing product. I could not be more wrong when it comes to The Divinity range of brushes and tools. All vegan and conscience-free, these are also handled in responsibly-sourced wood and dipped in my favourite colour, purple lacquer. So what makes these so good? Not only are they incredibly soft, they also have great control and do not splay out so you have perfect control without compromising blending ability. And the most important thing about them is their cut! Many brush ranges have generic shapes that in my line of work are just too general but these seem purpose cut and fit perfectly with my techniques of application. You can buy The Divinity Collection from Cocktail Cosmetics, an amazing site filled with treasures run by the lovely Julie Burford and you can be assured that prices are fair and delivery speedy and secure.

I have had a long long history with Shiseido as it was pretty much the brand that brought me into makeup as a career. Being in Asia, we are spoilt for choice as the Shiseido umbrella has many many ranges catered to different target markets and all of which are almost impossible to get outside of the region. The main range which is available to the whole world is great but there truly are gems that are catered only for Asian skin tones, tastes, culture and environment! I will hopefully blog more about this when I go home in June so stay tuned.

Anyway I digress, I had the chance to use my Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio palette in Voyage BR 209 and my range of Perfect Refining Foundation. What's there to say about these products? Designed by makeup maestro Dick Page, the palettes are incredible in textures and colour and the foundations are light-weight, offers incredible smoothing coverage for uneven skin tones and pores. And the 2 most important things for a MUA, comes in an incredible 18 colour-true range and also in light plastic bottles!

So with these babies in hand, shall we get to business?

The Spring Flushed Look
For my shoot I wanted a beautiful makeup look that would fit perfectly for this time of year with it's brighter, slightly warmer days and cool nights. A look that was still made-up but also very fresh and natural. And also easily done. In fact this look could be done at all times of the year for anyone who wanted to look polished & 'done' without going for the usual smoky eye. In fact it's a perfect makeup look to actually add on for any other look. Add a strong lip, eyeliner etc. This is a great place to start.

The eye is an almond-shaped halo of the Shiseido palette, concentrating the deepest colour near the lash line and swooping outwards and back towards the temple. Here's where the Cozzette brushes came into it's own, blending was dream. With makeup, I find that your bone structure will always tell you and your brush how and where to go. Also open your eyes to check how it looks as well. Try and keep the centre of the lid free of colour to avoid looking too made up and I dotted almost like a line of shimmery stick down the lid to create a shaft & illusion of light.

It's also called flushed for a reason. I didn't want a contoured sculpted look so where did I apply the blusher? I gently pinched the fattest part of the model's cheek a few times to allow her natural blush to come through and that's where I applied it! And the same blush is also patted well into her lips to keep the colours harmonious and topped off with a dab of balm. Lashes were curled and a light coating of mascara and finally a cream pencil into her waterline. A very simple, fresh and wide-eyed look which looks incredibly polished yet natural.
Face: Shu Uemura UV Mousse Underbase, Shu Uemura Instant Glow Stage Performer, Shiseido Perfecting Refining Foundation in B40 Natural Fair Beige & YSL Touche Eclat in 1.5.
Eyes: Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio in Voyage BR 209, Madina Shiny Stick 001, Art Deco All In One Mascara in Black.
Brows: Shu Uemura Hard Formula in Seal Brown 02.
Cheeks: Ellis Faas Blush in S304 & Madina Shiny Stick 001.
Lips: Madina Shiny Stick 001 (on Cupid's bow), Ellis Faas Blush in S304 & Lanolips in 101.


  1. @Charlie: Thanks hon, loyal and good friend as always! Glad you like. XX

  2. The finish on the complexion is just perfection! And I LOVE the colour on the lips! I love red lips but that dark purple-ish shade is probably my favourite favourite favourite of all time. x

  3. i love the pinching cheek method - sweeet xx

  4. @Rebecca: Thanks Rebecca! Yeah I do love a bitten lip, so evocative and sexy yet natural. The foundations are great! No powder needed too! x

  5. @Emily: Yes! I love the pinching method! I forgot about it and used to do it all the time! Thank you for commenting! xx

  6. So so pretty, and actually a look I could really see myself wearing. Now I just need the Ellis Faas blush in 304! Have you used the eye lights and if so, could you possibly tweet/email or do a post on how to get the best out of them (I know, I'm so demanding!). I have the bourdeaux and lilac shades and I love the effect, just not to sure how to work with it as I can only seemt o get a harsh line. I bow to your wisdom! x

  7. @Lipstick Luvvie: Haha ok I will try and do a look using the brights, yes I have them and they're great! Hmm stay tuned and I will get one done as soon as I can. Thanks jen xx

  8. Lovely. I need one of you to live in my makeup case and make me look that lovely everyday! :)x

  9. @clionasweeney16 April 2011 20:15

    Very nice :-)

  10. @clionasweeney: Thanks love! xx
    @Computergirl: Hehe thanks hon, that's too kind! xx

  11. I love the makeup, it's fresh but it has a pop of colour. Now you make me lemming about the Ellis Faas products!
    On another note, how do you find Stage Performance? I have a few in my stash but I never get around to use/try them...
    Oh, please drop me a note when you are in KL :D Food food and more food! x

  12. @poseylass: Thanks lovely! Oh i adore the EF products, such gorgeous colours but also very useable! Stage Performer is a staple in my kit, it's great for adding radiance and a glow whenever I need it. Hmm if you're in KL, the climate might not be great for it as it's so humid. I would use it as a moisturiser plus tint instead of seperate moisturiser and foundation. Please have a go and let me know how you get on. Will do, am planning to visit KL anyway so if I do, I'll def hit you up! Thank you for reading x

  13. Absolutely gorgeous and I love the idea of using the blush on the lips to marry lips to cheeks and tie the whole thing up - genius! x

  14. @Debbie: Thanks lovely! Yes it's a good trick if you want to keep the look harmonious. xx

  15. That is a gorgeous look! Looks like it came straight from the runway yet so so wearable. <3

  16. @Jen W: Hi Jen, thank you! I do the shows in London, Milan & Paris and have definitely been influenced by them in my everyday work. Thanks again! XX