Friday, 1 April 2011

To Tame The Wild Angry Beast

You're a makeup artist! What might this wild beast be you ask? Well in my day to day work, I meet many a wild beast. No way you say but bear with me and I shall explain. Picture this, you're 16 years old, constantly told you're gorgeous but you need to stay skinny and you are constantly having your hair pulled and styled, squeezing into shoes that are too small and too high, whizzed round from premier to interview, it'd drive anyone crazy! So i present to you the angry beast!

Jokes aside, everyday I work with people who are stressed and overworked, be it model, actress or celebrity. I am by no means saying that their jobs are more stressful than yours or mine but it is definitely part of my job to ensure I calm, beautify and make my client feel the best they can. There's only so much makeup can do so i pride myself for my ability to give a good face massage!

On every job, I always try to start with a good 15 minute facial massage. There's 2 reasons why I do this. To calm and make my client feel relaxed and hence enjoy their experience more and also a good massage will bring blood to the surface of the skin and enhance circulation. This in result will aid getting rid of bloating, water retention and also tone the muscles in the face! And to achieve all this, I have a multitude of items that I carry in my kit in various combinations depending on the job. I'll introduce you to my artillery shall I? Some of these items I have been using for years and some I have recently been introduced to and have since become must-haves! One last thing before I go ahead, to all skeptics, I just say don't underestimate the power of smell!

Aromatherapy Associates Relax Candle: A gorgeous blend of West Indian Bay & Myrrh.
Diptyque Tubereuse: Favoured by a certain supermodel hence good enough for her, good enough for me!

Alpha-H Sooth & Calming Cleansing Gel: A gorgeous light oil-gel with plenty of 'slide' that allows for thorough gentle cleansing and face massage.
Alpha-H Harmony Infusion: A soothing botanical spray to hydrate and calm the senses.
Sisley Eau Floral: A beautiful floral hydrating spray that's amazing for hydration, calming and refreshing makeup throughout the day.
Aromatherapy Associates Refining Face Oil: An absolutely intoxicating blend of lavender, ylang ylang & rose to refine and balance skin before makeup.
Aromatherapy Associates Nourishing Face Oil: A beautiful blend of sandalwood, rose & evening primrose oil for dry, dehydrated skins.

For the oils, I would warm between hands and do a lymphatic drainage massage on the face after cleansing and before moisturising.

Body etc
Origins Peace of Mind: A life saver almost with it's amazingly reassuring blend of rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus & rose. Perfect massaged onto earlobes, back of neck for nervous tensed celebs!
Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil: Tranquiliser I now call it! I don't do baths but when this incredibly powerful oil is dabbed on pulse points, the magical blend of sandalwood, chamomile and vetivert strips all stress and anxiety away to leave you sighing with calmness.

So that's my special 'smelly' kit to calm the most disturbed and difficult of clients! I'm not saying it's 100% but I defy anyone to get all grumpy when I'm massaging you and cocooning you with lovely smells & fragrances. Sometimes all it takes to make someone feel and look better is a bit of TLC and a reassuring, safe, sweet smelling environment! Try it!


  1. Marry me? My god just reading this pretty much put me in a coma, I cant imagine anything nicer than a facial massage before having my make up done.

  2. @Debbie: Haha thanks once again for the support & reading. Yup nothing's nicer than massage is there?

  3. Tubereuse is my FAVE Diptique candle ever!! Love this post!

  4. Sounds divine.

    Really enjoyed reading this hun

  5. @FarrahG: Yup it's a good one that one! Brought to my attention to probably the most famous of supermodels! Thanks for reading! x

  6. @BigFashionista: Thanks Kellie, glad you enjoyed it! We could all do with some relaxation with nice-smelling stuff eh? Thanks for the read! XX

  7. Now I want you to do my makeup even more! Plus you have Alpha-H products I don't have, I must rectify this! Got the AA bath oil recently after Charlie recommended it (she is always making me spend money!) and have gone through half a bottle in a fortnight. Doesn't say much for my current state of mind! Will try using it on pulse points instead in an attempt to make it last a little longer xx

  8. @LipstickLuvvie: Haha you've got the ones that matter Jen. I know I love the AA oil and definitely last a lot longer to dab rather than use in baths! Thank you for reading and commenting! xx

  9. Wow! Lucky models!! That reminds me, I need a good pampering session... x

  10. Oooo can I have a 15 min facial massage?? he he LOL Sisley spray sounds interesting! I'm loving the calming part of your kit!! Fab, fab, fab!!! Deffo a good way of calming those grouchy models

  11. @LeanneOCD: Yup we all deserve a pampering, sometimes I wished I was the one receiving it though! Thanks hon for making the effort to comment! Much appreciated! x

    @BeautyWowza: You can have a massage anytime you want! Try the Sisley spray for sure! It's so good and smells amazing. Thanks again for reading & commenting! x

  12. You're so sweet Kenneth - that's very thoughtful to calm your clients down with such a spoiler of a facial session! All of these products sound devine!

    Amanda x

  13. @Amanda: Lol far from it, I do it for selfish reasons so they're less troublesome for me! Nah I love giving massages, such a lovely thing to put someone at ease and calm them! These products are gorgeous! Pls try them! X