Saturday, 21 May 2011

A Walk Down The Organic Path: Pai Skincare

It was brought to  my attention while chatting to a few people on Twitter that I haven't really broached the subject of organic makeup and skincare. To which I answered, whoa! So what better time to start than now? Hopefully throughout my blogging life, I will find new and amazing organic ranges that will suit people of all needs. 

A quick chat with fellow makeup artists was all it took to gather a few names and brands. Today let's start with a brand that I am first to admit I didn't know about. I first started chatting to them on Twitter and chose these products which I thought would be relevant for me to try. So after trialling them out on jobs and myself, here's what I thought.
Pai Skincare is a UK brand launched in 2007 by Sarah Brown out of getting fed up with having to take medication due to suffering from years of skin allergies. So as a result,  the totally plant-based skincare range was born. One to suit people with the most sensitive of skins and with a totally transparent company policy. What does this mean? To put it simply, it's certified organic by The Soil Association, no perfumes and the ingredient list comes in plain simple English so it's easy to know what goes into the products. The products are also all made with no alcohol, mineral oil, artificial fragrances, parabens and petrochemicals and are great targeting conditions like Adult Acne, Contact Dermatitis, Eczema, Urticaria, Rosacea and Ageing Skin.
Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream
This beautifully smelling pale yellow cream melts deliciously skin to moisturise without making the skin look too shiny. Both Comfrey and Calendula are great for calming skin irritations, healing and also powerful anti-inflammatories. I loved how it made my skin all soft without any stickiness.

Geranium & Thistle Combination Skin Cream
Geranium scents and cools skin in this cream while oils extracted from the Safflower Thistle is packed with Omega 6 and helps clear congested skin. What I loved most about using this at work was how it kept skin moisturised but matte! And no interference with foundation which seemed to go on quite nicely after application. It almost works like a primer. Perfect also for men as it kept skin shine-free and matte.

Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit & Seed Oil Blend
Unique because this is the only Rosehip oil to be extracted from both seed and fruit which makes it contain twice more regenerative Sterols and containing five times more of the skin-protecting Carotenoids which gives it the gorgeous orange colour. Great for sun damage, fine wrinkles and stretch marks. I can see this going down a treat with my pregnant sister for rubbing into her belly! The gorgeous grassy fragrance reminds me of Roiboos tea!

Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream
I will admit that when it comes to hand cream, I get pretty fanatical. As I wash my hands so often while doing makeup, I find that my hands are always dry. Boasting a new oil derived from the AgonisFragrans shrub, which has high anti-inflammatory and pain-relief properties. While the Sea Buckthorn is great for nourishing and helping cell regeneration on painful dry hands.

A great brand with great intentions and principals, Pai Skincare has so far impressed me with it's luxurious products that both work and smell incredibly natural. So for anyone with sensitive skin who's after a truly organic clean range, I would definitely suggest trying this brand out. If anyone knows of any other brands that I should be aware off, please comment and I will do so.


  1. I have their lip balm which I purchased in the whole food market, and I must say I really like the idea of having sth totally natural :) I don't exactly have sensitive skin but I tend to buy more natural/organic based skincare, if I could. You can never have enough of pollutants nowadays...

  2. This range sounds lovely! Well conceived and executed, I really like the sound of all the nourishing ingredients. I think I would like their handcream from your description. Thanks for sharing this discovery!
    Jane x

  3. @poseylass: Hey lovely, yes the range is really lovely! The lip balm is my next item to try out including the eye cream which is meant to be cooling & calming. Thank you for reading & commenting again! X

    @ModestyBrown: Jane you'd love the hand cream I think. The thing that cinched it for me is the non greasiness. Ater melting in, hands just felt nourished & I could get back to makeup without having to worry about smudging the models' face! Thanks for reading & commenting! Xx

  4. Really good informative post. I've heard a few things about this skin care brand, but you have made me want to try it out now :) I'm following.


  5. @Forever Miss Vanity: Thank you! That's v kind of you to say & please do try the range! I'm really quite impressed & taken by it. Thanks also for the follow & I'll do the same! X

  6. I love Pai. The girls at Being Content introduced me to the Combination skin cream. Yummmmmm. x

  7. @Rebecca: Oh I am always the last to know! hehe never mind, yes it's a great range and I'm definitely adding this to the arsenal! XX

  8. absolutely craaazy about Pai Skincare - its fab! didnt know about the rosehip oil though...thats next on my list!

  9. @Skinni Peach: Yes it's lovely isn't it? The rosehip oil is delicious and definitely one to try! Thanks for your comment! xx

  10. They range sounds heavenly, I want everything! I'm a big fan of truly natural skin care brands.

    favourites are: Trilogy (Australian brand), MuLondon (UK brand, Marie Veronique (US)

  11. @Jen W: Thanks Jen it truly is a lovely lovely range to use. I've been using it a lot and have found it to be absolutely lush to on my skin as well as model's. Thanks for commenting, I will be checking those brands out as well. X