Thursday, 9 June 2011

What? No Internet?! Trade Off For Paradise

Hello dear friends! As many of you will know if we chat on Twitter, I am now on holiday in Asia. Malaysia to be exact. Problem is that my parents moved into their beautiful home and being a newly built home in the middle of nowhere, there's no phone line nor is there internet! So whilst waiting for my Significant Other to join me, I have been watching downloaded shows such as Downton Abbey (OMG! This is brilliant!), The Vampire Diaries and Miranda. But after 3 days I can no longer bear it! My bones are aching from lack of activity so I hitched a ride from Dad to the nearest Starbucks to use the free Wifi signal and not a second sooner! The conclusion of this little experiment is that I am no good not doing anything and am a total slave to technology and modern living! I have a few hours to get my fix of internet and modern living before Dad swings by to get me on his way home from running errands! So this is just a short little post to say hi and to stay connected to all of you guys and a little special hello and big thank you to my saviour Starbucks! Thank you!

Disclaimer: I might be exaggerating a little. My parents live in a very cosmopolitan city but it's a bit out of the way if you don't drive and the bit about no internet is very very real and true!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Connock London: Elegant, Dignified Luxury

I am sure many bloggers and Twitterers will be no stranger to this British brand. I however was introduced to it via blogs and people I chatted to on Twitter. 

Founded by Amanda Connock, whose parents founded A&E Connock, a specialist raw ingredients suppliers for the cosmetic and perfume industry. What's so special about this range? Amanda strives to bring to us age-old skincare secrets from exotic native ingredients discovered while travelling or through business dealings with her parents' company.

The first range, Kukui Oil Collection, hails from Hawaii. Cold pressed from the Kukui nut, the oil is high in linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids (essential fatty acids) and is highly effective in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, dry skin and acne. Used by native Hawaiians for centuries, babies were bathed in the oil to help protect against the harsh elements.

Anyway being the romantic that I am, I cannot help but be entranced by such a heritage behind the company. I kept conjuring up images of palm trees and exotic women, very much like film stills from South Pacific, the film! But do they work? I'm pretty heretical when it comes to moisturising twice a day after every shower so if this works, I'll be pretty impressed.
Kukui Oil Hydrating Body Lotion 300ml Rrp £32.70
With ingredients including Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil and of course Kukui Oil, this light lotion melts into skin to help plump skin and maintain moisture. Upon using I could stop sniffing myself! The light frangrance is intoxicating, bringing up images of hot sandy tropical beaches and exotic white flowers, yet still clean and unisex. Yes it's a good moisturiser but the big selling point for me is definitely the scent.

Kukui Oil Comforting Body Wash 300ml Rrp £22.50
Let's be honest, a body wash is a body wash so what's so special about this? Once again that incredible scent but this time even lighter so it just leaves a lingering hint after you wash it off. The golden gel lathers gently to refreshingly cleanse without stripping the oils from skin. Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to heal, sooth and protect. Papaya Extract with Papain(Enzyme) helps dissolve dead skin cells to promote smoother skin. I usually cover myself with moisturiser as soon as I shower but I found that my skin was refreshed and soft and incredibly smooth after using this without any need for moisturiser. And the scent!! 

Kukui Oil Wonder Balm 10ml Rrp £18.50
A highly nourishing blend of Kukui Oil, Manoi, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter and Beeswax, this easy to carry balm melts with body temperature to nourish and moisturise any areas of extreme dryness. I used it on my lips, heels, cuticles and elbows.

I only chose these 3 products but the range also includes a bath oil, soap and candle. Connock London is available to buy at, Urban retreat at Harrods, Fortnam & Mason and

So final thoughts? Yes it's a luxury range that makes you feel spoilt and pampered. The quality of the products are great and I love the whole heritage of the company and I feel quite safe and reassured to use any of it without worrying about how it would react with my skin. It's not gimmicky, loud or screams for attention. I can only just describe it as quietly-dignified and very very elegant and luxurious.