Friday, 8 July 2011

YSL Noirs Couleurs 2011: The New Black is 6 Shades of Black

Gathered amongst fellow beauty folk in the lovely art-deco gorgeousness of The Beaufort Bar in The Savoy, we were treated to the new offerings of Yves St. Laurent. As a huge fan and user of this long established brand famous for both quality and luxury, I was at the edge of my seat to see what they had planned after the incredible relaunch and reworking of the cult Touche Eclat!

Via a beautiful video of new Artistic Director Lloyd Simmons, a formidable force in the world of fashion makeup artistry, we were introduced to his views of colour and how it effects both fashion and makeup. Echoing the ethos of Mr St. Laurent, Lloyd approaches the subject of how Black is and should be treated as it's own rightful entity and colour and not just a shade. What do they mean by this? To put it simply, black is not just black, with the addition textures and finishes, different shades of black can be achieved. Bit arty for you? Well I love it! It embodies everything I love about makeup not just being makeup but also a way of expressing colour and texture and emotion.
YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking
Anyway without further delay, the incredibly popular YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils now comes in 6 Shocking Shades of Black! Each shade of black all shot with incredible jewelled tones, YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking takes inspiration from a classic YSL Tuxedo, famed for it's cut and quality to introduce a new Triple Patented Brush with it's off centered twist. The right side with it's wider spaced bristles loads lashes generously with mascara fluid and the left side with its denser bristles cut to a rounder edge, defines and brushes out the lashes. 

We were advised of 3 ways to use this new brush which promises to give maximum effect with minimum time and strokes. Instead of using the traditional zig-zag motion, use the rounder side with a rolling action instead and then seal with the flatter side of the brush. And to define and pick out definition, use the specially cut tip bristles!
RRP: £22.00
False Lash Effect Cream Eyeliners
Also launching soon are these gorgeous cream liners that give intense pigment and are waterproof and promises a 24hr hold. I had to try them out and unlike any other gel/cream liner, this was incredible smooth and fine textured and the minimal amount will give you an intense line without the need to go over again to get more depth! Definitely a kit must! I can only think what a great product to use as a base for eyeshadow! These come in the exact 6 shades as the mascaras, all black with jewel tones.
RRP: £20.00
False Lash Effect Shocking Felt-tip Eyeliner
I zoomed right into this little unassuming gem and was duly rewarded! For those not a fan of cream liners, this easy-to-use sponge-tipped pen will be a god-send. The pigment is intense and the soft sponge nib gives you a lovely controlled deep, deep black line. Definitely a keeper as well!
RRP: £22.50
La Laque No 126, 127 & 128 (Limited Edition)
For those nail lacquer fanatics, the 'Noirs Couleurs' Makeup Collection also has 3 opulent jewelled colours of Black Bronze, Black Lapis and Black Indigo. 
RRP £15.00
Touche Eclat 'Tuxedo' Collector (Limited Edition)
The cult product now with a velvet strip like a tuxedo will be available nationwide 21st September
RRP: £25.00

The Pre-Launch date is 18th August in Brown Thomas (Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway), Selfridges (London, Manchester and Birmingham) and Frasers Glasgow.

The collection goes out nationwide on 21st September.

So what do you guys think? Enough to keep you excited? I for one am truly excited to see YSL embrace fashion and colour without compromising it's ethos of incredibly luxurious quality.


  1. Some fantastic products there, I'm really excited to try the felt-tip eyeliner and the nail polish!

  2. @Madame Gourmand: Oh you'll love it if you're a felt tip lover, I am and it was a wow moment! Make sure you hurry with the varnishes as they are limited edition! Thanks for reading! xx

  3. The liners and the polishes look to die for and I do like the look of the mascaras too...

  4. @Charlie: They are, from what I can see they promise to be good. I am dying to use them on a shoot now!! Thanks hon! xx

  5. Swoon! The mascaras and the cream liners look amazing amazing amazing!!!! x

  6. @Rebecca: They are! They are!! xx

  7. That liner has got my name on it :) Jude xx @jadlgw

  8. oh my.. this all looks too sexy!! Nail colours are lovely!!

  9. @Jude: Mine too!! I love it already! Thanks Jude xx

    @beautyWowza: Hey hon, it's all very very sexy and edgy. You'll love it! x

  10. Beautiful, sexy collection from YSL. I'm thinking Cherry Black to bring out my brown eyes. Yay ot nay Mr Soh? x

  11. These look so very pretty! The liners are calling to me so loudly it's deafening lol... and if their staying power is anything like the pencil liners launched for spring, then I see a sizeable investment in my near future.
    Thank you for reporting :)
    Nina x

  12. @Leanne OCD: Yay most definitely yay Leanne! Cherry Black would be perfect for your eyes! Thanks for the comment!

    @inthesweetshop: Hey Nina aren't the pencils incredible? I use them all the time, especially when I want the look to last like for premieres etc. And I still have to try out the liners properly but they feel amazing after trying out just on hand. Thank you for the comment! xx

  13. Very excited to try these - loving the idea of sea black or bronze black for blue eyes - what do you think?

    I'm one of those who get a bit scared of felt tip liners like these, but you've convinced me to at least have a play and see how I get on! ;-)

    Nic x

  14. @Strawberry Blonde: Oh yes definitely! I so would love to use these colours on your eyes to really make them pop! I'm surprised about how you feel about felt tips, I'd thought they'd be easier than using a brush! Let me know how you get on ok? Thanks again for the comment Nic x

  15. Thanks for your reply Kenneth... Oh god I wish you could do it for me - would do a MUCH better job lol! I struggle with brushes too tbh & normally stick to pencils, but promise to be brave & experiment. ;-)
    Nic x

  16. @Strawberry Blonde: Deal Nic, next time you're in London, we'll try to hook up and I'll show you how easy it is ok? XX