Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Brand Alert: UNE Natural Beauty

I will be the first to admit that I'm rarely excited by any organic brands. That's not to say that they're not good but as a MUA, often I need products that perform under demanding circumstances. And let's face it, no plant or naturally occurring ingredient will give me that acid pink lipstick or fluorescent green shadow! In the past, brands embracing the natural path have always fall short of performance in my opinion or the lack of colour variety. 

Anyway I chanced upon UNE a while ago while browsing through drugstores and then at an event for another brand. It looked good. Very good in fact. Packaging was attractive while still maintaining a professional sharp image. And when tested, the products were good!
25 Products, 148 Shades. That's what UNE promises and for any range that's a pretty good promise. It also endeavours to be 98-100% natural and most of the range is Ecocert certified organic. The products come in light, sleek recyclable containers that look really good. It reminds me of a sleek mobile phone device!

So let's make it simple for you, I shall attempt to categorize the range according to features and also skim through some of the items I have seen and tested so far that's made an impression. It's a big range so I won't cover everything, only key items that really attract me. If you want to see the whole range, look here.

UNE only does a 3 product range for skin: 
Radiance Refresh is a 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water that removes makeup, purifies and tones the skin. RRP £7.99 for 150ml.
Radiance Reveal Day & Night Cream are the 2 moisturisers of the skincare range containing ingerdients like Moringa Seed Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Mother-of-pearl. Textures are light and non-greasy so I would say great for a base for makeup.RRP £12.49 for 30ml.

UNE does a variety of foundations in various textures and finishes. Mineral, Powder, Hydrating and Matte but what really caught my eye was the: 

Healthy Glow Enhancer 
Available in 6 Fresh, Glowing or Bronzing shades. RRP £9.99 for 30ml.
Perfect for those not wanting foundation, this provides a light veil of colour and I can see it being very handy for adjusting foundation colours or even mixed with moisturiser to add sheer colour.

Skin-Glow Pencil
Whilst designed as a concealing and highlighting pencil, for me it would make an excellent flesh toned pencil for inside the eye waterline. I dislike white pencils and it's hard to find one in the UK that's flesh-toned. Of course this can be used to highlight areas of face such as the Cupid's bow etc. 
Available in 4 shades, I only tried the lightest shade.RRP £6.99.

Breezy Cheeks Blush
In 8 very wearable shades, these cream-to-powder blushers are so easy to apply and blends to the most flattering of flushes. Gorgeous. RRP £8.99 for 3.4g mirror compact with brush applicator.

Eyeshadows come in 3 formulations. Nothing that screams amazing but are extremely wearable.

6 Shades of Nude Eyes Shadow. A cream to powder texture to subtly enhance the natural colour of eyelids. RRP £8.99.

4 Shades of Glimmer Eyes Shadow. A creamy shimmer in gold, copper, silver and pink sheen. I personally think it'd be gorgeous as a highlighter for non moving parts of face where it won't crease too much. I'd love it patted onto brow bone or cheeks! RRP £8.99.

14 Shades of Sfumato Eyes Shadow. Talc-free, mineral-rich formulas give soft smokiness that can be built up. If intensity is needed, layer with pencils or kohls to really give it something to grasp onto and oomph! RRP £8.99.

Eye Brow Pencil
These come in 4 shades. I only tried one and as far as I could tell, the colour was good. Not too red and leaning towards the ashy tones which is perfect for blonds. The texture was good too, not too soft. RRP £4.99.

For the lips, there are :

11 Shades of Sheer Lip Gloss. Light and sheer, non sticky and moisturising. RRP £7.99.

8 Shades of Sheer Lips Balm. Sheer washes of colour in a nourishing balm provides subtle sheen to enhance natural lip colour. RRP £7.99.

15 Shades of Lip-Toned Colour.
A gorgeous selection of meltingly-wearable lip shades. None of your bright fuchsias or reds but if you're after something subtle and wearable, you'll find it here. RRP £7.99.

That's all that managed to grab my attention. UNE also does mascaras in various formulations, pencils and kohls and also brushes. To go into those would be impossible without actually trialling them. So if you're into natural organic makeup, I don't think you could go wrong with this range. Just remember if you're after bright colours or strong pigments, you'll do better with another brand but if what you're after are natural-enhancing colour cosmetics, UNE would be a good brand and place to start experimenting with.

Prices start from £4.99 to £13.99 and are available from Boots.


  1. Glad you love UNE, I think its a good, comprehensive brand and does perform well for shoots! x

  2. @Nadira: Bit late finding this out but I'm with you on this lovely! Thanks for the comment! X

  3. The products look and sound lovely - I haven't heard of this brand before.
    Nic x

  4. @Strawberry Blonde: They are so lush and easy to use! Please have a try next time you're in Boots. x

  5. I like UNE, especially the Micellar water which I find to be both effective and soothing. I own a number of their makeup items and think they can be rather good, although sometimes lacking in colour pay-off and staying power. The whole line however is an excellent idea for organic beauty on the affordable side, with really nice packaging thrown into the mix.
    Nina x

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  7. @inthesweetshop: You're so right Nina but I think it's not really that bad for what really is a fab range. Love the Micellar water! Thanks for the comment. X

  8. I LOVE this brand! :)