Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Brocato Swell Volume: Hair Range Alert!

Anyone who knows me will know that my hair is my pride and joy. Vanity? Maybe but one's got to count one's blessing where one finds it! Haha. I have quite fine hair even though there's a fair bit of it and have always had problems with volume or lack off! Add to the equation a sensitive scalp which itches and flakes and yet manages to get greasy if the products I use are too heavy! How very typical of me, nothing is ever simple!
Meet the Brocato Swell Volume range. Created by US salon owner Sam Brocato, the range boasts a sulphate-free policy and utilizes Grape Vine (and Seed) Extract blended with hair and scalp restorative ingredients to create a range that promotes incredible shine and body on hair throughout the day.

I started using the Swell Volume Full Body Shampoo and Deep Volumizing Treatment today and my first impressions? Immediately my attention was drawn to the texture of the shampoo, it was neither gel nor fluid or anything shampoo usually comes in! It was a viscous jelly sort of texture. And when applied to my hair which is about chest length and water was added, it literally exploded into the most gorgeous foam! I know I sound a bit mad but it did! Considering that London hard water rarely facilitates in any sort of foaming unless a lot of product was used, I was quite amazed as I only used a 50p size amount of product. The scent was light and clean smelling, once again neither floral nor fruity, just clean and light.

What about the Deep Volumizing Treatment? A very light creme, not cream but creme, that's what I am calling it because once again it is not a cream but a creme. Try it, you'll understand why. I used the treatment instead of a conditioner and it rinsed out without any residue, leaving my hair tangle free and smooth. Once again the scent was a very pleasant clean smell reminding me of a professional salon product rather than a consumer one.  I liked it.

So conclusion. I might have easy hair to look after but the thing that decides whether I like a hair care product is my scalp. It itches and flakes if it doesn't like it. It's been 11 hours since I've used Brocato Swell Volume and my scalp still feels clean and calm and my hair is still shiny, non-greasy and light and airy. If my scalp didn't like it, I'd know by now. So it's 2 thumbs up from me. 

If you're interested in the science involved in the Swell Volume Full Body Shampoo, click HERE. For the science in the Deep Volumizing Treatment, click HERE.

The Full Body Shampoo costs £11.95 for 300ml and the Deep Volumizing Treatment costs  £13.95 for 150ml.
For stockists, ring 08705 561 929.



  1. I tried the serum and leave in conditioner yesterday. I'm LOVING it! My hair is really soft and shiny and it's not weighing it down or making it greasy!!! Yay! x

  2. @Rebecca: Are those lovely? I'm loving the shampoo and treatment for now. Will look into trying the leave in conditioner asap! Thanks! x

  3. AH!!! i need these! they sound a tad OBSESSED when it comes to haircare. Hope they ship to Ireland :)

  4. @SkinniPeach: I'm loving them! My hair feels all fluffy and light so fingers crossed it maintains it's effectiveness. I think they do ship to Ireland you know. Would you like me to find out? X