Friday, 12 August 2011

Pai: 'Living Water' BioAffinity Toners

Readers of my blog will know that I rarely feature organic skincare products. The only one I have featured so far is Pai, brought to my attention by bloggers and friends on Twitter. There are incredible brands out there but as a MUA, I tend to stick to brands I know work as I really do not want to fuss about with experimenting on a job. Anyway I tried Pai and it works and I love the range and yes it's organic and extremely gorgeous!

New to their arsenal of luscious products are the 'Living Water' BioAffinity Toners in 2 varieties. Rice & Rosemary for Combination/Sensitive Skin and Lotus & Orange Blossom for Dry/Sensitive Skin. 
Both toners boast a potent cocktail of vitamins, amino acids and trace minerals extracted from earth and body of the plant and unlike common toners, contains no alcohol and is the exact PH of healthy skin, thus providing unparalleled affinity to the skin.

Rice Plant water purifies, cools and rebalances while Rosemary has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects which purifies and de-congests skin.

Lotus root extract  prevents the release of the molecule that makes skin flare up and Orange Blossom stimulates cell regeneration and illuminates the complexion. It also has powerful skin repairing properties.

Enough of the science but just in case science buffs are interested, you can read more about it and order HERE.

Does it work? I've been using the Rice & Rosemary Toner and I love how refreshed and calm my sensitive  skin feels especially on muggy and hot days which we've been having. I have been using it on myself mid-day after giving my face a wipe with cleanser to refresh and then a quick thorough spritz afterwards. Upon inspection, my skin feels and looks calmer, less red and very very moist (I hate that word) and dewy! So I say it's worked. I will slot into my kit and use it on a model. I think this will be a great hit for location shoots for when a model's skin gets hot and irritated from the elements. I shall report on that asap but otherwise I say Pai has got another winner!

Pai 'Living Water' BioAffinity Toner retail at RRP£30 and you get 50ml of gorgeousness. Please do go and try it and let me know how you get on.


  1. This sounds like a beautiful product. I love the sound of lots of Pai skincare I've read about. x

  2. @Strawberry Blonde: You will love it! I was bit skeptical but these are gorgeous products that work without the nasties. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment lovely! xx

  3. I love Pai products and wouldn't swap my Pai Macadamia & Rose Dry Skin Cream for quids. I normally steer clear of toners but these sound absolutely lovely. Jude xx @jadlgw

    On a different note, what is it about the word 'moist' that you don't like?? hehe

  4. @Jude: I agree but these are not toners as we know them. They're mists that have an incredibly calming effect on skin. And naught you for getting that word in! LOL! Thank you for the comment! x

  5. Never heard of it! I'll have a look thanks.

  6. @Charlie: It's a really gorgeous range of products if you're into organic ranges. I was skeptical but so far it's been proving quite a hit with people I've tested on. Try it and let me know what you think. X

  7. Oooh these look exciting i had no idea about these. Ive used the cleanser and thought it was fabulous x

  8. @nicoletta: Thanks! Yes please if you get a chance try this, I love how dewy it makes my skin! Wonderful range. x