Tuesday, 30 August 2011

UNE: Intuitive Touch BB-Cream Foundation

If by now you're still asking what BB Creams are, then it's definitely time to brush up and do a bit of research. Blemish Balm (BB) are multi-use products combining skincare with makeup properties in one product that promises to help with a variety of problems. I won't go into what BB creams are as a quick search engine process will generate all answers!

Another brand launches their BB Cream in the UK. UNE. A French natural beauty company that promises a high performance range of products that are paraben-free, made from bio ingredients and almost totally natural. 

UNE Intuitive Touch BB-Cream Foundation 
Now what makes this latest BB Cream offering different? At first contact it's the texture. As far as I know, most BB Creams come in either a liquid or cream form. So it's quite interesting to see one that comes in compact form. Upon testing on my hand, I found the texture to be light and quite gorgeous. And although providing a matte finis, it had a lot of slip so I predict easy application either with fingers or with the very nice brush provided.

UNE is marketing it as a compact foundation that's a 7 in 1 product: Smoothing, Corrective, Moisturizing, Radiance Enhancing, Balancing, Nourishing and Protecting. A combination of Carnauba and Bees wax promises a melt into skin finish while Jojoba Seed oil and Shea Butter hydrates and moisturises. Skin is also kept matte "intuitively" by fine spherical particles of Rice Powder. The addition of the rare Maca Root, known for it's stimulating and toning properties fine-grounded with luminous Mother of pearl to bring radiance. Not a bad selection of ingredients and claims I must admit. 

It's also interesting to note that the usual SPF found in most BB Creams is not the case with the UNE BB-Cream Foundation. I asked about it and was informed that although no chemical SPF ingredients are added due to company policy, Intuitive Touch does contain natural sun protection screens with it's ingredients. So I would say wear it over your regular sunscreen or blocks.

Final thoughts. I like this product and I can see it being really handy for using on location shoots when you want a light coverage foundation with a slightly matte finish. And the texture is a gorgeous, smooth, creamy powderiness that blends and melts into skin. I was told that the creator of this product although not working for UNE anymore favoured the texture of Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and endeavoured to create UNE's BB Cream to have the same sort of slide and gorgeousness. Not bad and I can't wait to try it. 

So if natural products are your thing, I would definitely recommend this and check out the other products in the range, they're quite lovely!

Available in 6 shades and RRP £14.49.
Launched October 2011 and available from:
Boots, Boots.com, Superdrug, Lovelula.com and Wholefoods High Street Kensington.


  1. OK - I will check out Boots and Superdrug! Thanks!

  2. I am currently sporting the Garnier BB Cream - it will be my post tomorrow with warnings for I am orange, belisha, I glow and not in a good way. Invariably I am disappointed by high street brands for their poor shade ranges but UNE could be an exception. Thanks for this. Jan

  3. @Jamilla Camel: please do! Good one for oilier skin people who find the Garnier one too greasy. Let me know how you get on? X

  4. @Jan: oh no that's not good. I have found that I have resorted to mixing both light and medium for Garnier to cover certain skin tones. Saying that I do like the Garnier ones though. Love how glossy it makes skin but maybe too limiting in terms of shades. I hope the UNE ones are better for you as they have more choice of shades. Let me know how you get one Jan. Thanks x

  5. Ha! Of course my OH thinks I look as if I have got a bit of colour now, but you are right it does give a gleam and it did even out my skintone. Thanks for your advice. x

  6. hi! thanks for the review! im interested in purchasing this, but i cant find the list of ingredients anywhere...could you please write them?

    1. Hi if you do a google you will be able to find out the ingredient listing. Hope that helps.