Saturday, 31 December 2011

Editorial Update: Vogue Russia

What a great way to end an incredible 2011! My beauty shoot for the January 2012 issue of Vogue Russia is out and it's gorgeous! I absolutely love it, it captures a wintry & sultry Dempsey Stewart! Here's the shot, I hope you like it. Have a lovely New Year's eve and see everyone in 2012!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Product Breakdown: Eliza Doolittle for Twenty6 Magazine

I had the chance late summer to work with the talented Eliza Doolittle for Twenty6 magazine. Now I will admit that I didn't know much about Eliza except for her music played on the radio. A quick search on the internet showed a youthful pretty girl but boy did I get a shock at the shoot. Eliza was a young woman and had a beautiful face and an incredible body with legs that went on forever! 

So I didn't want the makeup to be too whacky. We both decided to go for very classic beauty but fresh and glowy and maybe a red lip towards the end of the shoot for a change. Her skin was amazing and I barely had to apply much foundation on. Let me show you a selection of shots, for the whole shoot, please click here.
Face Prep: Pukka Gentle Cleanser, Pukka Nourishing Face Oil, Pukka Uplifting Toner, Pukka Balancing Day Cream, SUQQU Lip Essence Cream R.

Face: Diorskin Nude, Dior Skin Flash.
Eyes: Dior 5 Couleurs in Amber Design, Dior Crayon Eyeliner in Intense Brown, Diorshow in Black.
Cheeks: Diorskin Nude Sculpting Powder Makeup in Sable Rose,
Lips: Dior Rouge Serum in Nude Serum, Rouge Dior in Zinnia.

Isn't she gorgeous? Cheekbones to die for and best of all, personality and manners of a professional! I am looking forward to working more with this music superstar!

Product Alert: Givenchy L'Ombre Noir

A quick post as I just had to. I got this little nifty product a few months ago and it has now become a firm favourite in my kit! Why? As an artist I love products that you can use in multiple ways, for practical reasons as it means I don't have to carry 10,000 things in my ever-growing kit!

L'Ombre Noir
So what is it? I suppose, to put it very simply, it's black in a compact! It can be anything you want it to be, use it wet and with a fine brush you get a dark gorgeously dense liner. Use it dry with a brush over eyelids, you can work up quite a beautiful smoky eye, all the while controlling how "black" you want to go. Use it wet and buff it with a MAC 217 brush, you get a creamy smudge-proof cream colour that you can then layer over with shimmers to create beautiful 3 dimensional beetle effects! I heard you can even use it wet on your lash tips to get really dense dark inky lashes! I have yet to have a go but will try it as soon as I can! There's 3 brushes that comes with it to use however you want. One thing I will point out is it's not a powder, it's almost like a solid wax that you can use wet or dry!

RRP £34.00 and available nationwide.

So what do you think? Something you can use in your arsenal of makeup? It definitely is for me! 

Fragrance: Paco Robanne Black XS

It's that time of year again and personally I hate shopping for presents as it gets really stressful. I always get scents or fragrances as it's something that will usually please most people! Especially for the special men in your life. So lucky timing when I got wind of the new offering from Paco Rabanne. Black XS!

Black XS for him
Aimed at the men below 40 I would hazard, this heady, intoxicating EDT is made up of Lemon, Sage, Cinnamon, Black Amber, Ebony Wood and Black Cardamom. I'll be the first to admit that I am not a scent expert but I love this kind of fragrance. It's exotic, sweet, spicy, woody and masculine, not the old fashion kind but the modern metro-sexual type who is not afraid to show a bit of tenderness. I love the the initial sweetness that mellows to a warm muskiness that makes me feel all tender and sexy! 

Black XS for her
The female version in the Black XS range has ingredients such as Rose, Cranberry, Tamarind Blossom, Vanilla and cut with a heady dangerous mix of Pink Peppercorn and Patchouli. Ultimately a sweet fragrance but the heady slightly spiced notes helps make it not sickly. I've only tried it on myself but I love how it conjures up images of dark decadent fruits oozing with black juice. A young lady, dangerous and of the slightly naughty variety! I know a lady who would love this and she is everything I used to describe this EDT!

Now I know there's lots of fragrances out this holiday season but one thing I was quite surprised and delighted to find out is that Paco Rabanne has joined forces with music powerhouse Universal Music to launch Black XS and to offer internet users exclusive music content and the opportunity to make like a Rock Star! So go visit to discover backstage access to bands like Kaiser Chiefs, Two Door Cinema Club and Cold War Kids to name a few. So a music fan as well? I had a really good 10 minutes or so browsing through the videos!

So what do you think? A fragrance for you or a loved one this holiday season? I'm keeping Black XS for him and giving Black XS for her to my sexy dangerous assistant!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

YSL: Brand Catch Up: Spring 2012

It's that time of the year again when in London, the weather gets colder and as X'mas draws nearer, the thought of Christmas shopping brings forth hideous images of mobs and queues! So I seek comfort in work and getting the upcoming collections from various brands as I start shooting images for Spring (yes we work that far ahead!). First up, YSL!

CANDY FACE Spring 2012 by Yves Saint Laurent
Lloyd Simmons has created a playful collection for Spring, comprising of shades inspired by luscious fruits, sugary confections and everything delectable and sinfully cheeky! Think dazzling fruits jellies, sparkling crystallised fruits drops and glistening syrups of bright raspberry, wild strawberry, mandarin orange, melon, mango, persimmon and pomegranate! I'm drooling as I type! I'm so excited to show you what the collection comprises of so let's go!

Ombre 5 Lumières N°13
Inspired by a box of overflowing candied fruits, this 5 colour palette comprises of blue, mint, lemon,pink and grape, all speckled with sugary sparkles! I adore this palette and can see it being a firm favourite when I start working on spring shoots! It's limited edition so make sure you get in quick!
RRP £39.50 and exclusive to House of Fraser.

Voile De Blush
Combining high technology and artistic vision, Voile De Blush is a highly concentrated water-based gel infused with water soluble pigments, tiny sparkles of mother-of-pearl and moisturising glycerin. A transparent silicon polymer also adds comfort and makes it incredible easy to blend to give a subtle veil of colour. And the best thing is you can customise the colour by blending more than one shade!

The jelly blushes are RRP £28.00 and come in:
N°1 Voile Carmin: a bright, candy apple red
N°2 Voile Corail: a bursting-with-health apricot
N°3 Voile Rose: a sparkling pink

Vinyl Candy Palette
Spring's star collector's item was created with visions of sugar-coated rock candies of violet, pinks, blackcurrants and gooseberries. Intensely-pigmented and silky textured, this palette will create dangerous smoky eyes with a seductive hint of poisonous fruits and plants like deadly nightshade! Utterly sexy and incredibly feminine!

The 4 shades comes in 2 textures to mix and match to create your desire effect:
Pearl: Raspberry and Lilac.
Satin: Blackcurrant and Rose Petal. 
RRP £39.00, this is limited edition so I'd hurry if I were you!

Voluptè Sheer Candy
Concocting images of voluptuous, freshly-bitten lips in sorbet colours and sugar candy, this gloss melts onto lips, sheathing and sculpting and tasting like a ripe plump mango! Sounds good enough to eat! Utterly emollient and moisturising, hyaluronic acid microspheres, pomegranate extract known for it's antioxidant properties, vegetable oils and candelilla wax will help smoothen and plump up dry lips.

RRP £23.50 and comes in:
N°7 Figue Gourmande: a fleshy, carmine red
N°8 Prune Frappée: a rich, frothy purple
N°9 Goyave Sorbet: a daring pink
N°10 Mandarine Acidulée: a radiant tangerine

Rouge Voluptè Perle
Drenched with more coverage, shod with both transparent crystal and coloured pearls, these will satisfy those wanting more colour on their lips.

RRP £23.50 and comes in:
N°114 Sparkling Fuchsia
N°116 Milky Pink  

Golden Gloss
Spring adds 2 more shades to this already bestselling line of glosses. Infused with sparkling 24 carat gold flecks, these add glamour to anyone after high shine shimmer. Nourishing oils protect and hydrate lips and give a mirror shine! And they smell subtly of mango!

RRP £22.00 and comes in: 
N°49 Golden Violette
N°50 Golden Pêche
Manucure Couture N°8
These very popular colour duos from YSL are great fun as they usually come in unique and interesting colour combinations. The Spring 2012 collection doesn't disappoint with it's Melon and Cotton Candy Pink, both shod through with gorgeous irrediscence. 

RRP is £28.00 and is limited edition.

The YSL Spring 2012 Candy Face collection is launched nationwide 26th December 2011

There you have it, a wonderfully cheeky, sexy and utterly decadent offering from YSL, one of my favourite brands. Does any of it interest you? It certainly does it for me! So ask for vouchers for Christmas and get to the stores when it's launched!

Monday, 5 December 2011

4Beauty Best Makeup Blogs: What An Honour!

Hi guys, I apologise for the lack of posts of late. Work has been crazy and as many will know, being a makeup artist is my full time career. I digress anyway but while I was in Arizona attending a friend's wedding, I had the best surprise ever! Musings has been listed as one of Channel 4Beauty's Best Makeup Blogs! Have a look here! There are some incredible blogs on that list.

It's very humbling especially when my blog's pretty new and compared to most of the seasoned bloggers on the list, I'm only a fledgling. So all I can say is thank you guys! I'll be back soon with more posts!