Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Fragrance: Paco Robanne Black XS

It's that time of year again and personally I hate shopping for presents as it gets really stressful. I always get scents or fragrances as it's something that will usually please most people! Especially for the special men in your life. So lucky timing when I got wind of the new offering from Paco Rabanne. Black XS!

Black XS for him
Aimed at the men below 40 I would hazard, this heady, intoxicating EDT is made up of Lemon, Sage, Cinnamon, Black Amber, Ebony Wood and Black Cardamom. I'll be the first to admit that I am not a scent expert but I love this kind of fragrance. It's exotic, sweet, spicy, woody and masculine, not the old fashion kind but the modern metro-sexual type who is not afraid to show a bit of tenderness. I love the the initial sweetness that mellows to a warm muskiness that makes me feel all tender and sexy! 

Black XS for her
The female version in the Black XS range has ingredients such as Rose, Cranberry, Tamarind Blossom, Vanilla and cut with a heady dangerous mix of Pink Peppercorn and Patchouli. Ultimately a sweet fragrance but the heady slightly spiced notes helps make it not sickly. I've only tried it on myself but I love how it conjures up images of dark decadent fruits oozing with black juice. A young lady, dangerous and of the slightly naughty variety! I know a lady who would love this and she is everything I used to describe this EDT!

Now I know there's lots of fragrances out this holiday season but one thing I was quite surprised and delighted to find out is that Paco Rabanne has joined forces with music powerhouse Universal Music to launch Black XS and to offer internet users exclusive music content and the opportunity to make like a Rock Star! So go visit to discover backstage access to bands like Kaiser Chiefs, Two Door Cinema Club and Cold War Kids to name a few. So a music fan as well? I had a really good 10 minutes or so browsing through the videos!

So what do you think? A fragrance for you or a loved one this holiday season? I'm keeping Black XS for him and giving Black XS for her to my sexy dangerous assistant!


  1. I was hunting for something for 18 yr old son the other day and sniffed Black XS which I liked but I LOVED the Original XS, far too sexy to have son wafting about smelling of it, so am shoving OH in that direction when he has used up all his Boss! I have Miller Harris La Fumee safely stashed under the tree for me!! x

  2. @ihavemostlybeen: Haha I know it's so intoxicating and sexy! Be careful, you might give your OH ideas! I love what you've chosen for yourself, obviously a lady of taste! Thanks for the comment! x