Saturday, 28 May 2011

Before/After: 2 Beauties In A Day!!

Seeing as how I have a few hours free, I thought I'd better get this before/after out as well. It's basically a very similar look to the Dusky Glamour one but lighter and not so much sexiness. More about definition and highlighting all the best parts of our model's face. Meet Michelle.
Another beautiful girl with amazing eyes, freckles and beautiful hair! For the shoot I wanted to not mask her natural beauty but give her a bit of help by bringing out her incredible eyes! Once again I used the contour and sculpting techniques for both face and eyes using colours that were natural and enhancing. Here's the results:
Face: Shu Uemura Stage Performer Instant Glow, Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation, YSL Touche Eclat, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage.
Eyes: MAC Taupe, Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio in Voyage BR 209, Madina Shiny Stick in 100, Art Deco All-In-One Mascara in Black, Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara in Black.
Eyebrows: Shu Uemura Hard Formula Pencil in Seal Brown 02, MAC Clear Brow Fix.
Cheeks: Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Copper 03, Madina Shiny Stick in 100.
Lips: Lanolips 101 Ointment, TopShop Creme Lipcolour in Tawny, Madina Shiny Stick in 100.
Powder: YSL Poudre Sur Mesure in Sand No 2.

As you can see the product list is pretty much identical to Isabel except for the eyeshadow from Shiseido. For me these products are fool proof and ones that I always go to to get this incredibly beautiful but yet natural look. Hope that you guys will show Michelle some love as well!

Before/After: Skin Blotchiness & A Dusky Glamour Look!

It's been a while since I've done another Before/After. Apologies for that. It's been manic with work but here's one that I thought would be really interesting! Let me introduce you to Isabel.
Isabel is a very pretty girl who unfortunately loves sport and is not very good with sunscreen so as a result her skin was dry, blotchy and dehydrated. As a makeup artist, I have to address such problems before tackling the makeup. So I reach for products in my skincare bag that I know will add moisture and calm the skin down. The brief was a very natural look that is fresh and yet womanly. Reminiscent of the Bond Girls, I wanted to do a look that didn't look over made up and to keep Isabel looking young and fresh but yet polished, smolderingly-sexy and refined!

How to get rid of all that redness? Without any hesitation, I reached for La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP and spent about 10 minutes massaging the redness out of the skin followed by a generous application of Emma Hardie Amazing Face Hydrating Lighter Lotion. While massaging I told Isabel to take in deep breathes of the incredibly scented EH lotion. The combination of these 2 moisturisers worked miracles to hydrate her skin and with the massage, we got her skin glowing!

The rest of the face was kept equally simple with contouring using bronzers and taupes. The brows were then defined and lashes had 3 coats of mascara. What do you think? Quite a transformation I think right? Blotchy young girl to Dusky Sexy Siren!
Skin Prep: Bioderma Crealine H2O, La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP, Emma Hardie Amazing Face hydrating Lighter Lotion.
Face: Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation, YSL Touche Eclat.
Eyes: MAC Taupe, Shiseido Bronzer, Madina Shiny Stick in 100, YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils in Noir Radical.
Brows: Shu Uemura Hard Formula Pencil in Seal Brown No 2, MAC Brow Set in Clear.
Cheeks: Armani Cream Blush No 2, Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Copper No 03, Shiseido Bronzer in Light.
Lips: Lanolips Ointment 101, TopShop Creme Lipcolour in Tawny, Madina Shiny Stick in 100.
Powder: YSL Poudre Sur Mesure in Sand No 2.

Thoughts? I love this look, it's effortless but yet so gorgeous and wearable. Once again, comments most welcome and any questions about application techniques will gladly be answered.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

A Walk Down The Organic Path: Pai Skincare

It was brought to  my attention while chatting to a few people on Twitter that I haven't really broached the subject of organic makeup and skincare. To which I answered, whoa! So what better time to start than now? Hopefully throughout my blogging life, I will find new and amazing organic ranges that will suit people of all needs. 

A quick chat with fellow makeup artists was all it took to gather a few names and brands. Today let's start with a brand that I am first to admit I didn't know about. I first started chatting to them on Twitter and chose these products which I thought would be relevant for me to try. So after trialling them out on jobs and myself, here's what I thought.
Pai Skincare is a UK brand launched in 2007 by Sarah Brown out of getting fed up with having to take medication due to suffering from years of skin allergies. So as a result,  the totally plant-based skincare range was born. One to suit people with the most sensitive of skins and with a totally transparent company policy. What does this mean? To put it simply, it's certified organic by The Soil Association, no perfumes and the ingredient list comes in plain simple English so it's easy to know what goes into the products. The products are also all made with no alcohol, mineral oil, artificial fragrances, parabens and petrochemicals and are great targeting conditions like Adult Acne, Contact Dermatitis, Eczema, Urticaria, Rosacea and Ageing Skin.
Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream
This beautifully smelling pale yellow cream melts deliciously skin to moisturise without making the skin look too shiny. Both Comfrey and Calendula are great for calming skin irritations, healing and also powerful anti-inflammatories. I loved how it made my skin all soft without any stickiness.

Geranium & Thistle Combination Skin Cream
Geranium scents and cools skin in this cream while oils extracted from the Safflower Thistle is packed with Omega 6 and helps clear congested skin. What I loved most about using this at work was how it kept skin moisturised but matte! And no interference with foundation which seemed to go on quite nicely after application. It almost works like a primer. Perfect also for men as it kept skin shine-free and matte.

Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit & Seed Oil Blend
Unique because this is the only Rosehip oil to be extracted from both seed and fruit which makes it contain twice more regenerative Sterols and containing five times more of the skin-protecting Carotenoids which gives it the gorgeous orange colour. Great for sun damage, fine wrinkles and stretch marks. I can see this going down a treat with my pregnant sister for rubbing into her belly! The gorgeous grassy fragrance reminds me of Roiboos tea!

Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream
I will admit that when it comes to hand cream, I get pretty fanatical. As I wash my hands so often while doing makeup, I find that my hands are always dry. Boasting a new oil derived from the AgonisFragrans shrub, which has high anti-inflammatory and pain-relief properties. While the Sea Buckthorn is great for nourishing and helping cell regeneration on painful dry hands.

A great brand with great intentions and principals, Pai Skincare has so far impressed me with it's luxurious products that both work and smell incredibly natural. So for anyone with sensitive skin who's after a truly organic clean range, I would definitely suggest trying this brand out. If anyone knows of any other brands that I should be aware off, please comment and I will do so.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Alpha-H: A Break Down, Done My Way!

Throughout this week, my fellow beauty bloggers and Twitter friends have been talking, correction screaming about Alpha-H. I was introduced to this Australian brand almost 2 years ago and have since been a huge fan both personally and professionaly. With all the excitement and questions, I thought I'd break down the items I use on myself and on the models and celebs that I work with. And also what the products do and how to use them. Hopefully this will be useful for anyone with any questions as to what will suit them. One key point I will make is that this is skincare and with any brand, some people will love it, some will not. I amongst many many people have found it to be very effective but at the end of the day, it's a totally subjective matter and only you will know whether this is a brand for you or not.

Balancing Cleanser
A creamy cleanser which I have found to be very efficient for cleansing and removing makeup. I use this at night after a whole day's grime and dirt. Apply onto damp face and remove with either muslin, sponge or damp cotton pads. As with all cleansers, I recommend doing it twice, once to remove superficial dirt and the second time to really massage into skin to get it all super clean.

Triple Action Cleanser
I love this in the mornings as it's a light gel and I don't like anything too creamy on my skin for the day ahead. Again apply onto damp skin and I just rinse off with water.

Micro Cleanse
A gorgeous amazing exfoliant consisting of round micro beads that removes dead skin and smoothens. It's 12% Glycolic Acid ensures that skin is left super clean without causing any irritation. I use this once every 2 weeks and for the mornings when I need help to wake up. With it's fresh peppermint scent, it's one to wake up with. A tip is to cleanse the face, apply this on like a mask, inhale the zingy scent while you go about brushing your teeth etc and when you're ready, gently using circular movements, work the exfoliant to reveal sparkling smooth skin.

Gentle Daily Exfoliant
A new addition, this daily exfoliant with Kaolin, Papaya and Pineapple enzymes, is great for everyday gentle exfoliation to brighten the skin. The freeze-dried enzymes activate with the addition of water to form a creamy emulsion you work all over the face. A great tip to use this product is to mix it in with your cleanser of choice and massage into skin on the second cleansing. That's how I use it and it's great!

Clear Skin Daily Face Wash
Another new addition, another love! For fans of a foaming wash, this light foaming gel is great for problem skin. Intoxicating Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, this gentle but highly anti-bacterial face wash is respectful of the skin's delicate balance whilst actively zapping away problems such as spots.
Hydration, aka Moisturising

Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+
A great daily moisturiser with a built in SPF 50+ that isn't chalky or greasy. I use this every morning to protect myself. An important fact is that when you start using treatment products with Glycolic Acid, AHAs, BHAs etc that promote skin cell renewal, it is vital to have SPF on your face as the skin is young and fresh! I carry this for shoots outdoors and on trips when I know the model and myself are going to be outdoors and every time, we're the only ones that don't end up getting sun burnt!

Essential Hydration Cream
A lovely light moisturiser with gorgeous Ylang Ylang and Arnica for healing, this makes a beautiful product to use at night after cleansing and before bed.

Clear Skin Daily Hydrator Gel
A must for the men or anyone who doesn't like creams or lotions on the face during the day. This clear gel with Tea Tree and Eucalyptus has the ability to absorb moisture from the surrounding air to hydrate your skin. I have chosen to use this during the warmer months when I don't want too heavy a moisturiser.

Absolute Eye Complex
The only eye gel or product that you can take all the way to your lash line! I keep mine in the fridge and trust me, this was the only thing the woke me up during 4am wake up times for fashion week! Gentle botanicals sloughs away dead skin and hydrate the delicate skin round the eye. It also has a very pleasing gentle tightening effect courtesy of synthetic egg white!

Harmony Infusion
A beautifully scented botanical spray for those who like toners before moisturising. I use this on myself throughout the day or on long flights when my skin becomes thirsty.
Specialty & Hero Products

Liquid Gold
The star of this whole range! Liquid Gold is a glycolic-based liquid that resurfaces skin and kick starts lazy skin into gear! Think of this as that sadistic personal trainer that ensures that your skin gets as much help and work as hard as possible whilst you sleep! Used maximum of 3 nights a week, either in 3 continuous nights or alternating nights, your skin wakes up in the morning clearer, firmer and more even in skin tone! I use mine on alternating nights on cleansed skin, applied with cotton pads and that's it. Some people like adding on a serum or moisturiser but you don't have to. I don't and even then your skin will not feel tight or uncomfortable. You really have to use this to believe it!

White Gold
Much like its sister, Liquid Gold, this is beneficial for those with pigmentation caused by sun damage or ageing. Applied under moisturiser and coupled with decent SPF, it's highly effective.

Liquid Gold Smoothing And Refining Mask
My go-to mask for when I need skin to super hydrated, clear and rejuvenated! It contains Liquid Gold to actively brighten up and clarify dull skin. I use it on close-up beauty shoots when I really need the model or celeb's skin to be gorgeous and clear. It tingles but will subside after a moment. I also have been known to apply this on a long flight (13 hours!) and yes you will get weird stares but when you clean it off just before you land, your skin will be clear, sparkling and super moist and plump! And your fellow dehydrated dull-skinned passengers will be so jealous!

Purifying Clay Mask
Another favourite mask of mine. This clay mask sucks out all the stuff that clogs your skin and leaves it cleaner and smoother. And it does all this without distrupting your skin's gentle balance.

Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum
A treatment serum to be used on the nights when you're not using Liquid Gold. It contains Glycolic Acid and powerful Vitamin A & B3 to really give dull skin a boost! It tingles on application but I usually apply a thin film of Essential Hydration Cream and it calms down to leave skin refined and plump. Over the time I've used it, I've noticed that my pores are finer and there's less congestion.

Liquid Gold Poly-Oxidant
A potent cocktail of anti oxidants, this gel is either applied under or mixed with moisturiser. I apply this in the mornings just under my moisturiser to help battle all the free radicals that causes ageing, wrinkles and cell damage throughout the day. Never looked back or been without every since!

And that's pretty much all I know about the range and it's a pretty comprehensive walk-through don't you think? The best thing is to sit down and think of what you want out of your skin and the products and choose accordingly. Yes it might be pricey but when it comes to skin, I think it's worth that little bit more to ensure the best results. Just remember the better your skin, the less makeup you will have to wear! Like any of my other posts, please comment and if you have any questions, give me a shout and I will answer or discuss as soon as possible.

Alpha-H products are available through QVC, HQHair, BeautyExpert, LookFantastic, CultBeauty & ManKind.

You can also experience a facial at UK's only Alpha-H licensed facial clinic Fern Clinic.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My Library: Old Friends I Revisit All The Time

On the rare day off, I am usually found scouring beauty halls, bookstores, museums, galleries or charity shops. Why? I have found personally that these amazing places all hold a key to what's important to me as a makeup artist. Visuals! I didn't study makeup and did art instead so makeup has always been more like art to me. Over the years, I have found that a remarkable source of information and visuals came in the form of books. Not just any books but books about beauty, art, costume history, architecture etc. There's no better way for me to understand and grasp why makeup was done the way it was done throughout history than to read about it. It usually is influenced by the politics, financial situation, social events, technology or films etc of that time which dictates how women use and wear their makeup. And understanding all that provides me with the tools and rules to use and break according to my personal preference.

So here are a few of my favourites which I look to in moments of doubt or confusion, or simply when I just want something beautiful to look at for inspiration. I have too many to show so I have brought out the ones that are directly related to beauty. I have more books that talk about art or less obvious topics but are equally relevant when it comes to my career.
Staring from top left, clockwise:
In Vogue: Six Decades of Fashion by Georgina Howell
My favourite book to date! I first saw this in the British Library in 1997 and it took me 5 years to find with the help of a specialist second-hand book dealer. This remarkable book contains pictures, photos and descriptions from 1916 right up to 1975 of the influential women, fashions, makeup and hairstyles covered by Vogue. A fabulous source of information which also explains the socio/economic situations of that era and how it affects and influences fashion and beauty.

Vogue: Stay Young
Another of the Vogue books so popular in the 70s and 80s. This little gem was published in 1981and I found this in a small charity shop in some rural village. And what I love about this are the incredible pictures of early 80s makeup all featured in the issues of Vogue. Great fun and great colour usage!

Makeup Your Mind by Fran├žois Nars
I love this fun book! This treasure trove of a makeup book has all the most famous supermodels in bare faces on the left side and fully made up on the right. And a cellophane sheet with all the NARS products and where it goes on the face! It's like a kids pop-up book as it tells you how and where the colours all go on a face! Great one for looking at if you ever need to get inspiration on how to use certain colours!

Vogue Guide To Skincare, Haircare And Make-Up by Felicity Clark
Published in 1981, this one of three journals talks about beauty tips and care that were relevant of that time. I have tried looking for the other 2 journals but have yet to come across. One day! Another fabulous little gem that teaches you how to do your hair and makeup with health tips and all sorts of amazing little tips like streaking your hair in lemon juice and vodka!

Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin
The second book by this makeup maestro that I still count as a major influence for my delving into makeup. His first book The Art Of Makeup is in storage in Asia and was given to me by a my fashion design lecturer who noticed that I had a talent in makeup. Kevyn Aucoin is now sadly no longer with us but his legacy of makeup techniques is still very much present in how I work now. Simply amazing!

So if you have time or find yourself in some remote little village charity shop, pop in, you'd be very surprised to find some of the books that people don't want. Let me know if you see an obscure title anywhere and chances are I will definitely want it for my own private collection!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Editorial Alert: TMRW using New Season's Colours

Just got the ok to publish this picture for a shoot I did with TMRW, a Danish magazine. I worked on this shoot earlier on this year but like most shoots it was done in advance for publication and hence the delay in blogging till now. Anyway, just thought it would be nice to share the image as I used the (then) new season's shades from Dior and YSL. And also it was a colour combination that I've been wanting to play with properly for awhile. Let me explain.
Everyday while I go about doing my job or whatever, at the back of my head I'm always thinking about makeup on some level. It's usually trying to work out unusual colour combinations that clash, harmonise etc. Anyway I have never been one for pinks round the eyes as I have always thought it would look like you've been crying for days so being the stubborn Taurean that I am, trying to get pink to work with eye makeup has been roiling about in my head for god knows how long! Well as soon as I laid my eyes on the new season's colours, the cogs in my head finally clicked into gear and here we have it! 
Dior 1 Couleur in Graphic Grey
Dior 5 Couleur in Gris-Gris
YSL Ombres 5 Lumieres in No 10
YSL Creme De Blush in No 5

I suppose the grey works as a temper to almost neutralise the hot pink and make the whole combination work much like how I use Taupe which is also when you think of it, another variant of grey. So there we have it. Another colour combination worked out. Look out for more weird combinations in my future work, believe me, there's more where that came from!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Red Carpet: Looks Favoured by Celebrities

It's the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival starting 11th May, ending 22nd May. During this time, the little town of Cannes will be swamped by paparazzi, film stars & starlets, music gods & goddesses and tourists eager to catch a glimpse of their favourite celebrities! As a makeup artist, it's also a great opportunity to showcase my work. With the world's press snapping away, my work will potentially be seen by thousands if not millions of people, so getting the right look for the celeb I look after is crucial. Therefore as I prepare my kit, I thought I'd share a few different looks favoured for that special red carpet moment.

A Lip
Nothing showcases glamour more than a strong lip colour! If you've got a beautiful mouth, a striking lipstick may be all you need to bring that wow-factor into a look. Now here's the tricky bit, to carry off a strong lip colour, the rest of the face needs to look polished and effortless. Very few people can carry off a strong eye and lip so the key is to keep the eyes simple, a bit of a neutral shade like a taupe, soft liner & lashes. As for the lipstick, anything goes! Fancy a bit of old school Hollywood glam? Go for the red. What about an alternative? I like a pink, not the soft wishy washy pinks but high voltage fuchsia! 

Celebs who favour this look: Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson & Dita Von Teese.

Brands that do great strong lips: YSL Rouge Pur Couture, Christian Dior Addict, Sisley Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick, Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick, Nars, Chanel Rouge Allure, MAC Russian Red & Pink Nouveau.

Naturals & Neutrals
A look sought by the women who don't want to look made up but yet want polish and glamour. This is my favourite look as it's effortless yet beautiful to look at. Nothing screams out from this look, you just see amazing beautiful perfection. Naturally it boils down to having perfect but soft foundation, a little dusting of shading on the eyes using nude tones, a light mascara, gentle shading or blush and a nude-ish lip.

Celebs who do this look well: Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Biel, Charlize Theron, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Aniston & Carey Mulligan.

Brands: Armani Fluid Sheers, Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation, Satin Eye Colour Trio in Voyage & Bronzers, Shu Uemura Stage Performer, Mascara Basic & UV Under Base Mousse, MAC, Estee Lauder Vanilla Truffle.

An Eye
Now this usually means bringing attention to the eyes. Some do it via the traditional and highly popular smokey eye but personally I think it's a bit too predictable and over made up. I prefer focusing on a liner or making sure that the lashes look incredibly lush & defined. I suppose one could say that this really is a "natural" look with the volume pumped up! I would usually start the look I would do for "Naturals and Neutrals" but then add more definition along the lash line but still in keeping with the harmony of the colour palette. The only thing strong about this look is lashes, so a high impact mascara is necessary. And if needs be, individual false lash inserts. Occasionally I will do a very soft smoke, not a full on one, but just enough duskiness along the lash line. And to finish off, a bronzer and some blush.

Celebs: Eva Longoria, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Jessica Alba, Keira Knightley & Kim Kardashian.

Brands: YSL Long Waterproof Eye Pencil & Effet Faux Cils Mascara, Givenchy Magic Kajal & Phenomen'Eyes, Dior Show Mascara.

Now just because we can't have the flamboyant lifestyles of these celebs, doesn't mean we can't make like a super star and do our makeup like they do! So who or which look would you normally go for? I'd love to hear comments and as always, am here to give advice and discuss.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Detox Friendly Crab & Prawn Cakes

Many of you on twitter will know that I have been on a detox recently. What entails you might ask? Well it's basically anything that doesn't include wheat, salt, sugar, dairy, alcohol and caffeine. So what can you eat? Lots of things. To keep it short, it involves lots of water, fresh juices and goat's cheese and yogurt. Here's 2 recipes that I made up to keep this detox tasty and easy. 

Cheat’s Caesar Dressing
1tbsp Light Tahini
½ tsp Minced garlic
½ tsp Marigold Vege Stock powder
1½ Tbsp Vegan Mayo
2 tsp Balsamic Vinegar
2 tbsp Olive Oil
Dash of Tobasco Sauce
1 tbsp Honey
Grated Goat’s Cheese

Whisk well. If you find it too thick, add bit of hot water till preferred consistency. I use this for all sorts of stuff. For example as a replacement for egg to bind crab cakes.
Crab Prawn Cakes
4 potatoes boiled, cooled and mashed
3 shallots chopped
2 red chillies chopped
handful of chopped coriander
1 portion of above Caesar dressing (best thicker in consistency, so don’t water down)
big handful of raw king prawns chopped coarsely
2 tins crab meat

Mix all well and make into whatever size patties you want. I usually go for smaller ones about 1 inch thickness. Toss in fine polenta/corn meal and then shallow fry in olive oil. Medium heat till deep golden brown on both sides. I find that if you refridgerate them first, they fry better.
Serve with steamed veg.

So what do you think? It's tasty that's for sure and according to a friend who I've passed this recipe to, she reckons it's easy and delicious! If anyone is interested, I might post up more recipes. Cooking's a pleasure for me so with food like this, detoxing is super easy! 

Sunday, 1 May 2011

La Roche-Posay: Calm, Balanced and Squeaky Clean

In 2005 when I first started assisting the greats and doing the shows in London, Paris and Milan, I was introduced to the amazing variety of products favoured by makeup artists, fashionistas, hairdressers and supermodels. What did they all have in common? The ability to find and seek out the best kept secrets used only by the elite in the industry. Now years after working with these people, especially the models who do an average of 4 shows a day, the key was to keep skincare effective but yet gentle on their skins. And where does one find all this? Aladdin's Cave, more commonly known as the French Pharmacy!

We have Boots and Superdrugs on our high street but in Paris, there are literally tonnes of pharmacies along every street. And they hold some of the best & really affordable skincare and beauty products available. It was years ago when I was introduced to La Roche-Posay by a certain Supermodel who swears by their gentle but yet thorough products. So after years of lugging back huge makeup cases filled to the brim with makeup and products, I was very glad or more accurately my back was very happy to find that they are now available in Boots in the UK!

The brand, named after a town in France famous for it's thermal springs and water. It has about 18 different ranges, all of which targets different skin and hair problems and concerns. Rosacea, acne, dryness, wrinkles, dullness etc? Anything's treatable with this brand. As a makeup artist working on the fast paced shows of Paris, Milan and London, my main concern is to get a model's face squeaky clean and in the best state for makeup asap. That is what La Roche-Posay does best. So what are the stand out products that are important to a makeup artist? Let me show you but a few.
1. Physiological Micellar 3-in-1 Cleansing Solution
A cleansing water that removes and cleanses makeup off the face, eyes and lips. Non-oily, soap, colorant and alcohol free, this gently cleanses the face while keeping it PH neutral and fresh, all ready for makeup. A cult classic which many of you know is the Bioderma H2OMicellar Solution is available in the UK and does the same thing so instead of going to France to get it, I shall now be happy to switch to this! which is only available in France. Well the

2. Toleriane Monodose Eye Makeup Remover
Handy single dose remover? How ingenious is that? Gentle but effective, this eye makeup remover is targeted at waterproof makeup. The Toleriane range was created for the most sensitive and intolerant of skin types so it's perfectly gentle but yet effective. Saturated with thermal spring waters for hydration, it strives to maintain a minimum amount of ingredients, is perfume, alcohol and preservative free.

3. Lipikar Baume AP
A light, quick drying moisturiser for extremely dry skin on the body. Thermal waters rich in Selenium, Shea Butter to restore comfort, Glycerin to hydrate, Canola Oil for it's anti-oxidant properties and also an effective anti-inflammatory, all work in this ultra-penetrating, non-sticky formula. Also promising to  relief itchiness due to dryness, it's perfect even for children due to it's gentle ingredients.
A little tip I have is to use it for facial skin that is sensitive and itchy before makeup. The gorgeous melt-into-the-skin balm restores a balance and has a beautiful base for application of foundation.

4. Anthelios AC SPF 30 and Anthelios XL SPF 50+
I always carry sunscreens when I go to shoots abroad as it's my responsibility to maintain the health of my model and it would be horrendous to let have the model change in skin tones throughout the trip! These non-perfumes, paraben-free sun lotions are water resistant and perfect for the face and body. My main concern has always been the greasy film traditional sun creams leave on the face and it's awful to work makeup on top of that. The Anthelios products are a light fluid that melts into the skin and leaves no residue and provides the highest possible SPF and filters.

These are only but 4 products that I have in my working kit, there are literally tonnes more, so if you think you have sensitive skin and special problems that are not catered for by other brands, I would say to give La Roche-Posay a go. I'm quite certain they'll have something specific to address your problem. Well with their network of 25,000 dermatologists all working hand in hand, you won't have anything they haven't seen before!