Sunday, 24 June 2012

Before/After: Enhancing/Lana Del Ray Makeup

I just noticed that this was my 100th post! How apt that upon this joyous occasion, this post reflects how excited and happy I was with this look created 2 days ago on a shoot for one of my favourite publications. Now, by no means is this look revolutionary or ground-breaking but it was just one of those days when everything clicked. Model was amazing and joy to work with, stylist inspiring and trusting and photographer and hairstylist and I all got on the same wavelength, and magic happened. Well in my humble opinion anyway!

Upon arrival, we had a quick breakfast and discussed how we would approach the shoot. Lana Del Ray featured pretty heavily on it so I thought, let's just do a makeup that wouldn't fight with anything. Just definition on features, beautiful skin and soft colours. I'll tell you why I decided this. The clothes chosen for the story would be clashing prints and textures and the model had long intense red hair. So as a MUA you need to figure out and accept whether the shoot will be about makeup or whether it may just be a day where you take a back seat and do something that will enhance and not fight with any other feature of the shoot. This was one of them. Now let me introduce our model Nastya.
Face Prep: Decléor Aroma Cleanse Cleansing Water, Decléor Life Radiance Double Radiance Cream, Shu Uemura Brightening UV Under Base Mousse, Decléor Nourishing Lip Balm.

I think Nastya is so beautiful with her wide face, huge eyes, beautiful lips. You're probably thinking really? I love how simple and plain she looks and that nothing stands out so for a MUA she is the perfect canvas to do whatever I wanted! Her skin is prone to redness partly due to the translucency of her skin and fairness. So I spent quite a while massaging and getting circulation going and with the addition of the Shu Uemura mousse, Nastya was now my perfect canvas to begin makeup to create this. (I apologise to the poor photo quality, there was no natural light in the studio and my phone camera flash kept making her look hideous so I did what I could)
Face: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch.
Eyes: MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study, Giorgio Armani Maestro  Eye Shadow Quatro in  Stone, GA Eyes To Kill Mascara in Steel Black, Paris-Berlin Beige Eye Pencil.
Eyebrows: Giorgio Armani Brow Defining Pencil in Beige & Brown.
Cheeks: Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush in Beige & Sand.
Lips: Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk Lip Pencil in Beige, Rouge D'Armani in Beige 100 & 102.
Powder: Giorgio Armani Loose Powder in Porcelain.

Here's a couple of shots I took off the computer screen straight after being shot to show you how the lighting worked with the makeup. 
What do you think? Isn't she just stunning? I can't wait to see the shoot when it comes out. I'd love to hear your comments and thoughts please.


  1. The transformation is brilliant. From plain beauty to stunning beauty!

  2. I think she looks stunning! This makeup enhances her features beautyfully. Her hair looks amazing too.
    On the two pictures you've taken she reminds me of a naiad. :)

  3. She does look like Lana in the phone pictures. I find these before and afters extremely fascinating.

    But the make-up industry (moreso of the consumeristic kind) has based its profit on the fact that most of us can look rather plain. Well, I wouldn't mind waking up with a commercially appealing face :D

    1. Thanks I think. And you are right but that's the thing, all makeup, even the consumeristic kind can be used to create looks on anyone to enhance and define. We just need to learn how. I do that everyday on models and non models. Thanks for taking time to comment x

  4. I think your decision for soft, accentuating make up was definitely the right one, the styling and hair are very bold and with strong makeup it would be all too much. Your make up marries them all up and makes it more sophisticated.
    I think about the make up exactly the same way, obviously I am far less skilled and experienced then you but I am happy that at least it seems I am going in the right direction :)

    You've used lots of G.Armani, is this your brand of choice at the moment? xx

    1. It takes time and experience Martita, enjoy the journey of getting there. I am using Armani on this shoot because I felt it was what suited me in terms of colours and textures. I use many different brands, sometimes together, sometimes individually. x

  5. The first two pictures!!! wow! xx

  6. I love the soft focus makeup that actually is more visually appealing than dramatic makeups. One need to develop an eye for admiring such a makeup and I must say a stalwart in makeup you could gauge it and produce it amazingly.
    People (especially in the Indian industry) feel that dramatic makeup is eye catching and no one stresses the no makeup look. I have always been made to exaggerate the so called No makeup look but intensely darkening the lashlines and all. Its funny and weird but have to do it at the demand of the photographers.

    I loved this post the most btw. :)

  7. Hi Kenneth!love Lana and your make up on model,great combination and trasformation.I like to read how you prepped the skin before make up,i don`t have any idea why,but it is my favorite part:)
    Could you please write about your favorite cleansers,toners,who is the best?
    Margaret Mchensky X