Sunday, 26 February 2012

Editorial Update: Evening Standard Magazine

Last December I had the pleasure of working with ES magazine and one of the most fascinating I have met in a while, Paz De la Huerta. Actress, artist, model but I know of her from the series Broadwalk Empire. She was incredible to work with in the sense that she knew how she would like to be made up and approached it like how an artist would paint. And thank goodness the stars were aligned and we agreed on everything I wanted to do on her! 

What fascinated me was how she would throw herself deep into whatever she was doing,  be it a conversation or the shoot. Have a look, I will tell you now that the tears were real!
What a woman eh? Utterly sexy, powerful, vulnerable and incredibly intelligent, artistic and a joy to work with. 

A Visual Diary: Mauritius

After returning home from Barbados, I literally had 2 days to do my laundry, restock kit and squeeze in a shoot and off I was again to gorgeous Mauritius! To many, it sounds really glamorous but what many forget is that I was usually awake at 5am and finishing shoots at 6pm throughout the trip so I was, shall I say a little bit tired by the time Mauritius came along!

Upon arrival I was instantly refreshed and energised! The air, humidity, sun and greeness of Mauritius was sizzling and invigorating! Mauritius was trully a paradise, filled with amazingly beautiful people, an incredible mix of ethniticities of African, Indian, Chinese and French! This resulting in a wonderul fusion of colours, flavours and tastes in Mauritian food. Smiles and manners were a norm but yet you could feel the pride and dignity of the islanders and you knew that they knew what a paradise they lived in and wanted to protect it and show it off to the rest of the world!  This trully has been one of my favourite trips of all time!

We did all our shoots in the LUX Belle Mare resort except one day when we descended upon Ile des Deux Cocos, literally meaning Island of Two Coconuts, a small private island off the main island of Mauritius. On it we made base in the most incredible Moroccan villa built more than 100 years ago by one of the first governors of Mauritius, Sir Hesketh Bell. Apparently he was a bit of a party boy and had incredible parties in this wonderful villa and loved Morocco. Well it was trully magnificent, having an island to yourself. 

Anyway this is meant to be a visual diary so please have a look. I hope I have done justice to this little jewel in the Indian Ocean! 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Before/After: The Many Faces of Agnes using Shiseido

Often during a fashion shoot, I am required to tweak looks and do variations on the same girl within a strict time frame. And yesterday was one such occasion where we had to shoot 8 shots and have slight makeup tweaks so that the shots look slightly different but yet cohesive as a spread. 

I decided to stick with one brand as I knew the brand well and also knew that the products would all work together in terms of textures. I chose Shiseido, one of my favourite brands for skincare and makeup. The products are backed by extensive research and quality and yield such beautiful results that I knew that we were in for a fun ride! Anyway let me introduce Agnes our model who has been fighting a cold for ages. If she looked this good with a cold, god help us when she's at full strength!
Face Prep: Shiseido The Skincare:  Gentle Cleansing Cream, Hydro-Nourishing Softener, Multi-Energizing Cream, Tinted Moisture Protection, Protective Lip Conditioner.

Agnes had very dry skin due to the cold she was battling so moisture and hydration was my main concerns. The area round the nose was red and dry so I spent a good 20 minutes massaging in the products and pumping in as much hydration the skin could take!

I've split the pictures into two groups. The first one being all about blush and freshness and it's variations. Here's the results.
Face: Shiseido The Makeup: Smoothing Veil, Pore Refining Foundation, Natural Finish Cream Concealer.
Eyes: Luminizing Satin Eye Colour in BE202, WT907, Shimmering Cream Eye Colour in BR709, OR313.
Eyebrows: Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil in Deep Brown, Translucent Eyebrow Shaper.
Cheeks: Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Colour in PK304 & WT905.
Lips: Protective Lip Conditioner, Shiseido Perfect Rouge in PK331 mixed with concealer, Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte in RD722, Shimmering Rouge in PK407.
Powder: Shiseido Translucent Pressed Powder. 

What do you think? Not bad right for an ill girl. Hold on there's 3 more looks. I took off the blush and replaced it with bronzer and more of a sculpted look this time. Have a look.
Eyes: Shiseido Shimmering cream Eye Colour in BR306, Perfect Mascara Full Definition, Luminizing Satin Eye Colour Trio in YE406.
Cheeks: Accentuating Colour Stick in S1, The Bronzer in Light, Shimmering Cream eye Colour in WT901.
Lips: Natural Finish Concealer patted in with Protective Lip Conditioner, Shimmering Rouge in PK407 with Automatic Lip Crayon in LC8, Shimmering rouge in BE702 with Luminizing Lip Gloss in BE201 & concealer patted in middle of lip.

So as you can see, with a few little adjustments, you can alter and change a look quite dramatically. When time is a premium on shoots, I don't always get the luxury of cleaning the whole face and starting again so I guess the lesson is to keep layers super light so it doesn't look caked or too heavy. I hope you've enjoyed this, I'm just getting back into blogging again after all my trips so stay tuned and look out for more. Once again, comments and questions are most welcome! Thanks guys!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

A Visual Diary: Barbados

Many of you will know that I have just been to Barbados on a work trip after my last post of me panicking about what to pack in my kit! Well I am back and am pleased to announce that the trip went well and we shot 5 gorgeous spreads which I will post up as soon as they're published.

Upon arrival, we had the first day to do a recce around the island, looking for locations to shoot. When asked by the editor whether I would like to come along, I jumped upon the opportunity to tag along! I love doing recces. First you get to see the country you're visiting without worrying about doing makeup and working, I also love sight seeing! Secondly, I find that seeing the colours, textures and sights of where the shoots will be shot actually helps me decide what to do in terms of makeup. 

It's not just about doing a smoky eye or an eyeliner. When shooting on location, the clothes, climate, surroundings all play a part in the final look. So here's a visual diary of what I caught on that day, the colours, textures and sheer beauty of Barbados and her people!
These pictures don't really do justice to the beauty of the island but I hope it gives you an idea of the colours and inspiration I had to tap from when designing the looks for the shoots. It really was an incredible trip and I look forward to posting the final results soon!