Friday, 19 April 2013

Editorial Update: ES Magazine

Hot off the press, I just had these sent to me. A beauty shoot that I had the privilege to work on with an incredible team. Beautiful model Maria Konieczna, unreal hair by Louis Bryne, intricate nails by Chisato Yamamoto, spot on styling by Nicky Yates, makeup by myself assisted most amazingly by Rebecca McMahon. All perfect  lit and captured by the talented Jon Gorrigan.

It really was an incredibly fun shoot as I got to research all the trends and design every single look! Hope you guys like it.
What do you think? I'm thrilled with the results!


  1. That matte red lip in the first picture.. jikes does she have cheekbones or what :)

  2. GORGEOUS! Do you remember what you used for the red lip color in the first picture? The texture and depth of color are amazing.XX

    1. Thanks Gaya, it's a new lippy from Givenchy. I applied it in layers, blotted it & applied again. I repeated it till I go the intensity I wanted. Then I pressed a pigment over it to really lock in the colour and create a matte petal-like texture. x