The best and sometimes infuriating thing about cosmetics is the simple fact that what works for me, might not be the best for you! As a result of this wonderful phenomenon, please understand that my views and opinions, be it personal or professional, are mine alone.  It is most definitely a case of try and test, especially with skincare. I can only bring you my honest opinion as a professional makeup artist. I don't believe in dismissing any product even if I don't like it, I do however love and expect a healthy and mature discussion.

I get sent products or services to try which are relevant in my job as a makeup artist and this does not affect in any way the outcome of my reviews. In fact if I don't like it, I usually will not use it again on myself or any of my clients. I do live by the ethos of always trying anything at least once! What you can expect is my humble, honest and professional point of view, which is always what is best for my clients and myself!

If you don't like what you read or hear, or find something to be offensive, please please get in touch and we will get it resolved like adults. It is never my intention to be rude or to offend anyone. So please enjoy and I look forward to hearing from all of you.